Enhanced Cluster Tools (ECT) for Linux
Thursday November 18 2004 @ 11:17PM EST

Update: November 17, 2004: A set of additional tools for the enhancement of Cluster Systems Management (CSM) Technology.

What are Enhanced Cluster Tools for Linux?

Enhanced Cluster Tools (ECT) for Linux consist of a set of additional utilities and documents for the Cluster Systems Management (CSM) product, which assists an administrator in managing a whole set of Linux machines. CSM includes features such as parallel installation, hardware control, configuration file management, event monitoring, and more that help make it easier for an administrator to set up and maintain clusters. ECT provides additional features such as hardware set-up, HPC stack configuration, and a Web interface. These are delivered in the form of xcsm RPMs and in white papers. Many of the scripts in ECT are early versions of tools that will eventually be merged into CSM in future releases.

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