Scali Appoints Vice President of Finance and Administration
Wednesday December 01 2004 @ 08:00PM EST

Scali, a leader in high performance clustering solutions, today announced the appointment of Andrew Sutherland as Vice President of Finance and Administration to focus on developing an international infrastructure to encourage future revenue growth. Scali continues to take advantage of its expanding growth in the US enterprise and high performance clustering markets, and Sutherland’s appointment highlights its focused and strategic approach in readying the organization to support the ongoing growth trend.

Andrew has been appointed to expand Scali’s financial growth in the US and Europe and will report to Bjørn Skare, Scali President and CEO. Before joining Scali, Andrew held senior financial positions within both publicly and privately held enterprise software organizations, leading successful programs to accelerate US revenue and market share. Most recently he was CFO at MoreMagic, a software company specializing in wireless services.

Previously, he worked within Mergers and Acquisitions for Genuity, a leading Internet Service Provider. Prior to that, Andrew was responsible for the International finances division of privately-held affinity marketing organization, Trans National Group.

“We are very pleased that Andrew has joined Scali to co-ordinate our financial and administrative operations,” commented Bjørn Skare. “He has a great amount of experience co-ordinating programs across international markets for enterprise software and infrastructure companies. His experience working with privately held organizations in developing technology markets, means Andrew has the skills and knowledge we require to develop a strong internal and external infrastructure to support Scali’s growth.”

Andrew will be based in Scali’s new US headquarters located in Boston, Massachusetts, joining the recently expanded sales and professional services team. Andrew will have strategic relationships with Scali’s current Venture Capitalist backers Atlas Venture, Four Seasons, Intel Capital and Kongsberg Gruppen. He will also work closely with financial institutions in both the US and Europe to ensure Scali’s viability and readiness for expansion. As well as leading Scali’s financial development, Andrew will also drive the worldwide administrative operations, to ensure greater co-ordination between US and European teams.

“Scali already has great acceptance in both the US and European marketplaces, as Linux clustering takes a greater share of the worldwide market. With the continued investment in our US operations, it is very important that we have both the internal and external infrastructure in place to fully exploit market opportunities,” said Andrew Sutherland. “By strengthening our relationships with current investors and broadening our relationship with other financial institutions, we will be encouraging the future growth of Scali.”

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