Objectivity Underscores Scalability At Intel-SGI PAC
Monday December 06 2004 @ 01:03PM EST

Concurrent with the launch of the world's first Intel and SGI Parallel Application Center (PAC), Objectivity, a leader in high performance databases for real-time knowledge-based management solutions, announced Objectivity has concluded its "First Project" using the outstanding PAC resources. The project is the first step of a retest of a previous 32-bit UNIX benchmark, done this time on the 64-bit standards-based high-performance SGI Altix platform. This project demonstrates how the breakthrough technologies of Objectivity, Linux, Intel and SGI together meet the rapidly growing demand for managing very large and complex data.

Ideally Suited Technologies

Objectivity was quickly accepted to participate in using the Intel-SGI Parallel Application Center because the architecture of Objectivity's database, Objectivity/DB, is ideally suited to the SGI Altix architecture. Objectivity/DB can take advantage of the unmatched processor scalability of Altix to support the addition of more database clients; Intel Itanium 2 processors are the leading database performance engines; and the superior system I/O of Altix enables ultra-fast data flow and communications, and the addition of more Objectivity databases in a federation.

A Benchmark to be Broken

The previous UNIX benchmark, performed with SGI on a 32-processor SGI Origin server running the IRIX operating system, explored the performance boundaries of commercially available database, file system, and hardware technologies. The tested system demonstrated the throughput of a linearly scalable combination of Objectivity/DB, SGI NUMAflex supercomputer architecture and SGI InfiniteStorage Shared Filesystem CXFS, simultaneously ingesting, processing and querying data objects and the relationships between them at a rate of over 32 Terabytes per day.

First Project Results

Un-tuned performance measurements from this First Project show excellent throughput on-track to beat the earlier benchmark results. With tuning and optimal storage configuration, the next step projects are expected to achieve ingest rates exceeding the previous UNIX benchmark for scalability and performance in the 64-bit High Performance Computing and Very Large Database environment.

"Intel-SGI Parallel Application Center has provided us with an excellent environment where we can build upon our previous scalability benchmarks," according to Jay Jarrell president and CEO of Objectivity. "These benchmarks and the efforts of our customers continue to establish Objectivity as the world's largest database."

About Intel-SGI Parallel Application Center

The Intel and SGI Parallel Application Center provides a leading-edge environment for organizations, developers and ISVs to optimize applications for the Intel Itanium 2 processor-based SGI Altix platform, reducing software development time and cost. The Parallel Application Center, located in Swindon, UK, delivers a fully managed platform and all the tools required for organizations to port, optimize, validate and evaluate application scalability and performance on the 32-way Intel Itanium 2 processor-based SGI Altix 3000 system.

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