Etnus TotalView Chosen as The Debugger for Cray XT3 Supercomputer
Thursday January 13 2005 @ 04:15PM EST

Etnus, the provider of the most advanced debugger on Linux and UNIX, today announced that TotalView, chosen as THE debugger for the new Cray XT3™ supercomputer product line, is immediately available for these systems.

TotalView is an advanced 32- and 64-bit graphical debugger providing software engineers with unprecedented control over threaded and parallel applications written in C, C++ or Fortran. TotalView has proven its ability to scale transparently to thousands of processors and processes, making it a good fit for the large-scale Cray XT3 systems that Cray is beginning to deliver, such as the Sandia Red Storm system with its 11,000-plus processors.

“TotalView has been our debugger of choice for over 10 years, and we are pleased that it is now available for the Cray XT3 system,” said Ly Pham, Cray senior vice president of operations. “This allows us to offer Cray customers a common debugging environment across all our supercomputer platforms—Cray XT3, Cray XD1™, Cray X1™ and Cray X1E™ systems—making it easier for developers to port applications to these systems, or to make applications available for multiple systems.”

TotalView is uniquely well-suited to debug applications that are developed on systems like Cray supercomputers that are used for high-end modeling and simulation. These applications are very large and complex with long run times. TotalView removes the debugging obstacles that accompany these ultra-scale applications through advanced features such as built-in, interactive memory debugging, efficient startup for large-scale applications, a variety of breakpoints to suit the needs of the particular debug session, visualization, and design from the ground up that truly understands parallel programs.

TotalView is available for most major Linux and UNIX platforms, with prices starting under $600 and can be sampled free at

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