New Computing Paradigm, Grid Computing, Pushes Marketing Budgets for Many High Tech Companies
Monday January 17 2005 @ 03:10PM EST

Grid Strategies, Inc. founder and CEO and well known high-end computing marketing veteran, Mike Bernhardt, is forecasting a sunny outlook for a large number of Y2005 marketing budgets as hundreds of companies jockey to stake a claim in the Grid Computing market in parallel with a worldwide surge in interest for this emerging computing paradigm.

Grid Computing refers to the private or public sharing of computing resources, from PCs to servers to networks to storage to supercomputers. The promise of Grid Computing includes cost savings (maximized use of existing computer resources), improved IT utilization (the ability to share computing resources to do work that previously couldn't be done), and improved IT performance (the ability to accomplish computing tasks more quickly). Grid Computing does not refer to the types of computers, but solely to the approach of harnessing the power and capacity of independent computing, networking and storage resources for a common goal.

According to Bernhardt, "While we've seen numerous budget cuts in other technology development and marketing budgets, investments in grid computing technology, market development and marketing programs continue to rise at an impressive rate, and throughout this market we can expect to see an increase in marketing dollars flowing out to marketing, advertising and public relations agencies."

Grid Strategies conducted interviews with several dozen suppliers of marketing services, as well as dozens of companies currently delivering or planning to provide products and technology into the Grid Computing market, regarding their plans for marketing budgets in Y2005. Fully 92% of the suppliers of grid computing products, technology or services indicated plans to increase their awareness and market position through more aggressive marketing efforts and confirmed plans to increase marketing dollars. Of the marketing service providers interviewed, 94% of the firms have confirmed a forecast for double digit revenue growth attributed to clients looking to enhance their grid computing marketing efforts in calendar year 2005.

The concept of Grid computing is not new, but only recently have companies like Intel, IBM, HP, Sun, Oracle and other major companies stepped forward to announce aggressive Grid initiatives.

Industry analyst firm International Data Corporation estimates this market will exceed $12 billion in revenue by 2007. Industries leading in the adoption of grid computing include financial, oil and gas, healthcare, medical research, pharmaceutical, aerospace and automotive manufacturers.

About Grid Strategies, Inc.

Grid Strategies, Inc. is a niche market consulting and advisory group specializing in take-to-market strategy and business development programs for clients of all sizes with a desire to create, reposition or enhance their images within the HPC (High Performance Computing) and emerging Grid Computing market segments. Grid Strategies has announced plans to publish the industry's first Grid Computing Resource Guide in Y2005.

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