Compusys HPC and GridXpert sign new partnership agreement
Tuesday January 18 2005 @ 12:38PM EST

This new Agreement provides Compusys HPC with an unmatched offering of Grid Software products, including the GX Synergy Product Suite, which unlock the power of utility and Grid Computing Solutions and allow organisations to implement flexible, seamless, and secure distributed computing solutions.

GridXpert Synergy enables organisations to analyse, monitor and manage their entire utility computing resource, taking advantage of existing resources and ensuring they are utilised to their utmost potential.

GridXpert Synergy enables distributed Grids of computing resources to be created and securely connected, either locally, or across geographic boundaries, and can even be used to connect or provide access to partners or other organisations where collaboration and joint research and development is required.

Compusys HPC will be installing GridXpert Synergy Products across the organisation, to connect 4 HPC Cluster resources in 3 European Countries, creating a unique Grid technology Demonstration facility, that will be available via the Compusys HPC Labs.

Seen as a Centre of Excellence with both Users and Vendors, the HPC Labs allows Compusys HPC customers to access to one of the most advanced High Performance Computing Development facilities in the UK. The Labs are equipped with the latest hardware and software technologies, including hardware architectures including Intel Xeon, Xeon EM64T and Itanium 2 platforms, along with AMD Opteron based Dual Processor and Quad Processor Server and Node Platforms. Compusys HPC facilities are fully Grid Enabled, allowing us to fully demonstrate the power of Grid and Utility Computing.

Laurent Charreyron, Director of Sales at GridXpert is excited by the agreement between GridXpert and Compusys. “Compusys are a key partner to assist us with delivering Grid and Utility Computing Solutions into the High Performance Computing sector. With their expertise and our product suite, we can both take advantage of the demand for effective Grid Solutions”.

“Our new agreement with GridXpert is an extremely important addition to our solutions offering” says Terry Fisher, Business Development Manager of HPC, at Compusys. “GridXpert Synergy has already proved itself with several international organisations, and we look forward to delivering similar solutions to new and existing customers. We are confident that this will put us even further ahead in our field!”.

About GridXpert is the leading provider of software solutions to manage computer grids in the industrial and financial world. Popular uses of grid computing include industrial numerical simulation, consolidation, or pricing of complex financial products. A computer grid enables an organization to view and manage dispersed computing and software assets as a global shared resource, accessible through a single portal. GridXpert's proven solution, GridXpert Synergy™, makes sure that computing resources are fully used, and best allocated by projects, priorities and budgets.

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