Cluster File Systems Releases Lustre Version 1.2.4
Monday February 28 2005 @ 09:23AM EST

Cluster File Systems, Inc.™, the leader in high-performance parallel file systems, announces the release of a major update to the Lustre™ file system on its public download site. Used on many of the world’s largest Linux clusters, Lustre 1.2.4 represents a significant advancement in the development of a world-class open-source file system. This release further demonstrates Cluster File Systems’ ongoing commitment to make new versions of Lustre available to the free software community on a regular basis.

The Lustre file system is a next-generation cluster storage solution, designed to serve clusters with up to tens of thousands of nodes, manage petabytes of storage, and move hundreds of gigabytes per second with state of the art security and management infrastructure.

Improvements in Lustre 1.2.4 over the previous publicly available version include:

* support for Intel®Itanium®, Intel EM64T, and AMD64 Architectures * support for Linux 2.6 * support for the Quadrics®QsNet II (Elan 4) interconnect * a disaster recovery tool (lfsck) * support for Object Storage Server addition * zero-configuration Lustre clients * very many improvements to performance and stability * demonstrated capability on systems with more than 1,200 nodes and 300 TB of storage, at more than 11 GB/s

Click to download Lustre 1.2.4 .

About Cluster File Systems

Founded in 2001, Cluster File Systems has established itself as the recognized leader in high-performance, scalable cluster file system technology. The company’s premier Lustre cluster file system has demonstrated acceptance and capability on the world’s fastest cluster supercomputers. Through partnerships with leading HPC storage, server, and software vendors, Cluster File Systems is helping cluster customers worldwide realize the benefits of scalable, reliable storage with Lustre. The company is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, with operations in North America, Europe, and Asia.

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