SWsoft and Egenera Forge Alliance
Tuesday March 29 2005 @ 11:09AM EST

SWsoft’s Virtuozzo and the Egenera BladeFrame System to Deliver Server Virtualization for Improving IT Infrastructure Utilization—Reducing Hardware, Software and Management Costs

Today, SWsoft, a leader in server automation and virtualization, announced that it has joined the Egenera Accelerate alliance program as an Assured Solution Alliances member. At the same time, Egenera has become a member of SWsoft’s Strategic Technology Partner Program. Through this joint alliance, SWsoft and Egenera will participate in co-marketing, sales opportunities and testing to further the use of the Egenera® BladeFrame® system and SWsoft’s Virtuozzo, a server virtualization solution that creates multiple isolated Virtual Private Servers (VPSs) on a single physical server.

“Our alliance with Egenera represents a positive step in providing our customers with solutions to simplify the management of their server infrastructure,” said Kurt Daniel, director of marketing, SWsoft. “The combination of Egenera’s BladeFrame system and Virtuozzo can lower TCO through server virtualization that scales and utilizes each server to its fullest potential.”

“We are pleased to align with SWsoft to deliver utility computing solutions to businesses seeking to consolidate workloads without losing application isolation or producing a lot of overhead,” said Susan Davis, vice president of marketing and product management, Egenera. “SWsoft is a leading virtualization company with world-class customers that delivers a complementary solution well suited for our BladeFrame system.”

Egenera BladeFrame System—Any Application, Any Time, Automatically

SWsoft’s Virtuozzo for Windows has been validated on Egenera’s BladeFrame system. The BladeFrame combines the utility of stateless servers with powerful software that virtualizes processing, storage and networking resources into a "computing fabric." Businesses can provision systems and allocate resources in minutes to optimize mission-critical applications in real time.

Virtuozzo—Specifically Designed for Production Servers

Virtuozzo empowers enterprises with powerful Microsoft Windows Server and Linux virtualization solutions. Customers can leverage Virtuozzo on standard and blade servers for server consolidation, departmental-specific servers, development and testing, managing application growth, minimizing downtime and patch management.

The core benefits of Virtuozzo include:

* High Performance – innovative OS virtualization technology is a very thin layer that interacts with the existing OS and hardware without adding system calls or overhead.

* High Scalability – Split a single physical server into tens or hundreds of VPSs with full dedicated server functionality proven for up to 16-CPU systems and up to 64 Gigs of RAM.

* Isolation – Each VPS is completely isolated. Files changed in a particular VPS only affect that VPS and can not damage the kernel or other VPSs.

* Robust Resource Management – Designate minimums and maximums for system resources such as CPU, memory, disk and I/O. Automate responses and actions to resource thresholds.

* Powerful Management Tools – mass management of large groups of servers and VPSs with fine-grained, browser-based command line and client tools and application templates.

* Rapid ROI – Virtuozzo drives lower hardware, OS and management costs providing a favorable total cost of ownership and rapid ROI.

About SWsoft

SWsoft is the recognized leader in automation and server virtualization software for hosting service companies, communications providers, and enterprises. The company powers more than 80,000 servers for customers in over 100 countries. SWsoft's products deliver industry-leading performance, stability and manageability for its customers to increase flexibility and utilization of their limited IT resources. Headquartered in Herndon, VA, with offices around the world; SWsoft is a privately held, profitable company, offering comprehensive solutions including: Plesk, Virtuozzo, PEM, HSPcomplete and SiteBuilder. For more information about SWsoft, visit:


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