PolyServe Steps Up Storage Leadership, Sponsors Network File System Protocol Development
Wednesday March 30 2005 @ 01:37PM EST

Company backs University of Michigan in implementing next-generation NFS for Linux

Beaverton, Ore. — February 21, 2005 — Software developers at the University of Michigan have received backing from PolyServe, Inc. to help create an industry-standard implementation of an important enterprise storage protocol, Network File System Version 4 (NFSv4) for Linux.

NFS is the premier industry standard for fast, seamless file sharing among networked computers and storage equipment, such as network-attached storage (NAS) devices. The next generation of NFS, Version 4, enables huge improvements in file-sharing security and performance, among numerous other enhancements.

PolyServe, a leading provider of storage clustering software for Linux and Microsoft Windows®, will provide funding and technical assistance to the Center for Information Technology Integration (CITI) at the University of Michigan. CITI is responsible for developing a reference implementation of NFSv4 that is included in the open source Linux operating system and is being incorporated into Novell and Red Hat Linux distributions. PolyServe joins Network Appliance as the primary technical and financial sponsors of NFSv4 development on Linux.

"PolyServe's sponsorship of CITI shows its dedication to moving the industry forward, ensuring there will be a standard NFS Version 4 reference implementation for the open source community," said Nancy Hurley, senior analyst for Enterprise Strategy Group. "PolyServe is establishing its commitment as a technology leader in the ever-evolving file system market."

CITI is engineering NFSv4 for use as a universal standard for fast and secure access to stored data, whether across a wide area network (WAN) or within a single location. PolyServe's partnership with CITI will focus on implementation of the protocol on the server side, while Network Appliance is assisting CITI on client-side implementation. In addition to helping to create the fastest, most robust NFS for Linux, PolyServe sponsorship will help CITI ensure the updated NFS protocol can be scaled horizontally across a cluster of servers and works effectively with Linux-based cluster file systems produced by open-source developers or commercial vendors.

A cluster file system (CFS) allows multiple servers to share applications, files and data while controlling access to stored data and maintaining data integrity. A CFS provides essential technology for enabling data centers to migrate from expensive, proprietary UNIX platforms and specialized appliances to low-cost servers and storage based on industry standards such as Linux.

"PolyServe is a critical partner in CITI's development of the NFSv4 implementation for Linux," said Peter Honeyman, scientific director of CITI. "Through its financial and technical contributions to CITI, PolyServe underscores its commitment to open source and improving the Linux ecosystem as a platform for critical storage applications."

PolyServe deploys NFS functionality in its NAS cluster solution, which also integrates a symmetric CFS, high-availability services and cluster and storage management capabilities. The product aggregates up to 16 low-cost Linux- and x86 Architecture-based servers for high-performance, fault-tolerant file serving across a storage area network (SAN).

"NFS Version 4 for Linux is critical for enabling fast, secure and inexpensive access to the enormous amounts of data produced and stored by enterprises," said Carter George, vice president of storage solutions for PolyServe. "That's why CITI's work is so important and why PolyServe is happy to help in their cause."


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