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    Latest News

    SCO eStreet for Partners & Developers: October 2002 edition
    Friday October 04 2002 @ 03:03PM EDT

    Adrienne Lee sends us the SCO eSTREET for Partners & Developers -- October 2002 Edition. In October's edition:

    * SCO Executive Message - SCO's Commitment to Our Partners * SCObiz - Another Revenue Opportunity from SCO! * SCO Product Announcements - UnitedLinux, SCO Update Service, Support Knowledge Center Access * UnitedLinux Developer Newsletter by SCO - Signup Today! * Partner Spotlight - fP Technologies: filePro Database * TeamSCO Highlight - New SCO Logos for Your Site! * Technical Corner - Top 12 Technical Articles * TeamSCO Partner Program - Solutions Showcase CD Presents Complete Solutions for Our Partners * Made For SCO - New Solutions From TeamSCO Partners

    (For the web version, please visit http://www.sco.com/partners/estreet/0210)

    ================================================== ==================== SCO Executive Message - SCO's Commitment to Our Partners http://www.sco.com/partners/estreet/0210/exec.html

    In the past few months, SCO has been investing in GEOFORUM events around the world to bring the SCO experience to our partners. By the end of November, approximately 3,000 partners will have joined us in person for a GEOFORUM event to share information about SCO?s direction, product roadmaps, and marketing messages.

    I've had a chance to meet with several of our partners at GEOFORUM, and have felt their enthusiasm and support for SCO's future. As members of TeamSCO, our partners are the single most critical factor in our success, and I share your passion for what we can become together. For instance, at the recent Las Vegas event, the Caldera name change to SCO was announced to a standing ovation.

    Our goal at SCO is to provide more and more opportunities for our partners - both Solutions Partners and Developing Partners. In addition to the stable, award-winning UNIX(R) and Linux(R) products that have brought us mutual success in the past, SCO plans to continue to offer additional channel-friendly products and services to expand your selling opportunities with current customers, and give you access to a new Small-to-Medium Business customer base as well. We also plan to provide access to products and roadmaps in order to facilitate the development of SCO-compatible applications.

    TeamSCO Highlights:

    The newly created SCOx Partner Program gives our partners access to market-tested, annuity-revenue products that can enhance your business with current and potential customers. http://www.sco.com/partners/estreet/02 10/scox.html

    The first offering in the SCOx stable of products, SCObiz, was recently announced at a GEOFORUM event. It helps you bring Web and e-commerce capabilities to your SMB customers, while giving you an additional annuity income stream. http://www.sco.com/partners/estreet/0210/scobiz.ht ml

    Since the Caldera acquisition of SCO, there have been 372 new software applications certified to SCO platforms. More SCO-compatible and certified hardware and software applications are being added all the time to the Solutions Directory found at http://www.sco.com/partners/estreet/0210/sd.html

    Our partners continue to have a strong voice into all areas of the company including executive and product management. We solicit feedback regularly through forums such as our Partner Council, partner surveys, meetings with our partners, and technical training opportunities. This feedback is often implemented resulting in better products and services with the channel in mind.

    We ask that you continue to help us to become better through the above-mentioned arenas, or at your convenience at partners@sco.com.


    Shaun B. Cutler Director, TeamSCO Worldwide Partner Programs

    ================================================== ==================== SCObiz - Another Revenue Opportunity For You!

    http://www.sco.com/partners/estreet/0210/feature.h tml

    SCO is excited to announce a new addition to SCO's Extended Platform line -- SCObiz! SCObiz, ranked the #1 eBusiness Service Provider by Cahners In-Stat, is the first solution offered through the new SCOx partner program. As the next-generation, one-stop eBusiness offering for TeamSCO Solutions Providers, SCObiz creates a new annuity revenue stream in an easy-to-use, top-of-the-line product offering.

    ** What is SCObiz? ** Over the past several years, small business owners have begun to view having a web presence as an essential component for competitive advantage. This web presence extends beyond simple information websites to websites that work to educate, build communities, generate leads and conduct eCommerce.

    SCObiz extends that opportunity to these small business owners. This is a win-win product for all involved -- you receive an extension to your customer reach and business offering, and your customer gets online with a top quality website fully enabled with eCommerce offerings.

    As an ASP solution, SCObiz allows solution providers to quickly and easily set up websites and eCommerce solutions for their clients. This service delivers fully-automated and integrated website solutions, and rapid delivery of eBusiness services and applications. SCObiz provies a single web-based console for developing, hosting, managing and deploying complete eBusiness websites. SCObiz allows small business owners to create a robust and professional online presence, promote their business, conduct very secure eCommerce, service their customers and measure their ROI through several reports.

    ** Who Can Participate In SCObiz? ** SCObiz has been designed with the channel partner in mind. In fact, it is the only eBusiness Service that is truly designed for Solution Providers. As such, the following groups will have the best opportunity for achieving success with SCObiz:

    * Resellers - SCObiz is targeted at channel partners that design, consult, implement, and/or manage their customer's website(s) * VARs, VSPs, and Consultants - As small businesses look for a one-stop method of getting their business online, they turn to a trusted and reliable source -- their primary solution provider * Web Developers - This is an easy way to market, manage and deploy websites

    ** What Are the Advantages of SCObiz Over The Other Offerings On the Market? ** SCObiz is the single vendor solution for a complete web presence. Unlike companies that host or add eCommerce bolt-on stores, SCObiz offers rich eCommerce, marketing and promotion services presented in an easy, powerful Web solution.

    Additionally, SCObiz has the advantage of:

    1) Partner Dashboard for the Channel Partner - With the Partner Dashboard, you can monitor all of your customers' sites. Whether a single customer or hundreds, you remotely monitor them from this web-based console. This allows you to run pre-built reports, track your relationship, and offer other services to your customers, increasing your revenue potential.

    2) Reseller Application / Services Platform - SCObiz is unique in that it enables channel partners to control the applications and services that are offered to their customers. Partners can also add their own applications to the dashboard, creating another value-add for their customers.

    3) Ease-of-Use - Imagine setting up a website with just a couple of clicks of your mouse! Impossible? Not with SCObiz! Entering information into the browser or pasting large amounts of data can easily add content. Most hosting services support website development tools like Microsoft(R) FrontPage. While SCObiz supports these tools, the value-add we provide is the ability to create and manage sites with just your web browser -- no experience necessary!

    4) Customer Relationship Management for the Small Business Owner - Being database driven, the SBO can provide fabulous customer service to his existing clients and generate new leads with SCObiz. This includes tracing registered users, what their orders have been, communication back to the customers, and more.

    5) Proven Datacenter Infrastructure - Unlike other competitive offerings, SCObiz maintains a highly available, highly secure, state-of-the-art datacenter. This ensures the highest uptime and reliability for SCObiz customers. The SCObiz datacenter has been built using the best-of-breed commercial hardware and software components available today!

    For more information on the SCObiz advantage, please go to http://www.sco.com/scox/scobiz_prod.doc.

    ** What Value Do I Receive as a SCObiz Reseller? How About My Customers? **

    * Value for the SCObiz reseller * As the only eBusiness Service designed specifically for the channel partner, SCObiz is feature-rich with what a partner is looking for -- customer retention mechanisms, marketing services, content offerings and management services.

    Other benefits and values our Solutions Providers receive include: - High margins on a easy-to-use, low-cost product - Recurring and incremental revenue streams - Ability to add value on top of the SCObiz offerings - Comprehensive eCommerce offerings for your customers - Training - Support - Automatic billing & payment - SCOx Xtreme Rewards Option

    * Value for the Small Business Owner * The Small Business Owner reaps his own benefits, while having a professional website up and running on a highly stable system. Any business can be up and running within a matter of hours, instead of days, with SCObiz. And, their site will have fully-functional eCommerce features, such as a shopping area, shopping cart, and credit card acceptance.

    Other benefits and values for the Small Business Owner include: - Increasing sales which grow top-line revenue - Promotion of the SBO's business - Top-quality customer relationship management - Efficient business management for the SBO - Ease of use for the SBO

    ** How Do I Get Started? ** SCObiz is available today! All United States-based channel partners can sign up today and begin building a new revenue stream with their existing and new customers.

    In order to get started, please contact your Channel Sales Manager. If you are unsure of who your Channel Sales Manager is, please email partners@sco.com and we'll put you in touch with the correct individual.

    ================================================== ==================== SCO Product Announcements - UnitedLinux, SCO Update Service, Support Knowledge Center Access http://www.sco.com/partners/estreet/0210/prod.html

    ** SCO Linux Powered by UnitedLinux Open Beta Now Available ** What SCO beta product had over 3,000 downloads on its first day of open beta? SCO Linux! SCO's first product powered by UnitedLinux, SCO Linux 4.0, is now in open beta and is downloadable to customers, developers, ISVs and other partners. SCO encourages those who would like to participate in this beta program to log onto SCO's beta web site and register to get access to the download site. SCO Linux 4.0 is the business platform built upon the UnitedLinux industry-standard core technology. http://www.sco.com/partners/estreet/0210/beta.html

    Additionally, don't miss your opportunity to see the North America debut of SCO Linux at OracleWorld November 10-14, 2002 in San Francisco. Register for OracleWorld today! http://www.oracle.com/oracleworld/sanfrancisco/con ference/

    For more information on UnitedLinux standards-based Linux operating systems and SCO's membership, log onto the UnitedLinux web site. http://www.sco.com/partners/estreet/0210/ul.html

    ** SCO Update Service ** Within the next few months, SCO will introduce SCO Update Service. The SCO Update Service is a new and innovative program designed to make upgrade packs, security fixes and maintenance packs available for all SCO UNIX operating system products more efficient and less costly. Additionally, your customers gain greater control of their upgrade cycle.

    Under the service, operating system features will be made available more frequently via upgrade packs, unlike the current mode where major releases are issued every 12 to 18 months. Although the upgrade packs will come to market more frequently, customers are not obligated to adopt upgrade packs on the same schedule that SCO releases them. The customer controls what features are added to their systems and when. The customer is no longer forced to deal with complex major new releases that can disrupt normal business operations to install and test.

    In addition, SCO Update Service simplifies the budgeting process because the price of product upgrades is predictable. Update Service can be purchased at any time, and if it is purchased at the same time as a new product license, the cost of the next product upgrade is guaranteed.

    TeamSCO Solutions Partners also benefit from this new Update Service. More frequent customer touches can result in additional revenue opportunities as SCO partners add additional services to the bundle for their customers. Margins are improved because installation is simplified and the partner consumes fewer resources to deliver a higher value to customers.

    Further details on the SCO Update Service and pricing will be available in next month?s edition of eSTREET.

    ** Support Knowledge Center Access: New Services to Resell ** SCO Services recently announced a new unlimited web service offering 24x7 access to SCO's extensive Support Knowledge Center. This service gives your customers complete access to current and retired product technical articles and patches, in addition to proactively notifying them of new availability.

    This service is ideal for resellers to sell through to their customers, or as a bundle with their own services, and receive a 20% margin for the Knowledge Center sale.

    For more information, contact 1-800-SCO-UNIX (1-800-726-8649).

    ================================================== ====================

    UnitedLinux Developer Newsletter by SCO - Signup Today! http://www.sco.com/partners/estreet/0210/devnews.h tml

    Announcing the UnitedLinux Developer Newsletter by SCO! SCO Linux is well into its beta phase and is looking good for our first shipments next month. Now is the time to look at the business capabilities of the product and get your applications, tools, or drivers ready to take advantage of the new market opportunities available with SCO Linux. But where do you start? That's easy -- start by signing up for our UnitedLinux Developer Newsletter by SCO. This is a new email publication that will be delivered right to your inbox and give you information specifically designed for developers. This newsletter will include the availability of new tools, similarities and differences between SCO Linux and other well-known products, discussion forums, tips and tricks as well as a host of interesting and relevant information for developers utilizing SCO Linux.

    In addition to the newsletter, SCO will also be holding web seminars to discuss these issues and provide even more information from the experts. The first issue is due out the week of 14th October so sign up today!

    ================================================== ====================

    Partner Spotlight - fP Technologies: filePro Database http://www.sco.com/partners/estreet/0210/spot.html

    For close to a quarter of a century, filePro has been used by database application developers throughout the world to provide robust applications. filePro has gained a loyal following of developers due to its high-performance processing, large record and database size, cross platform functionality and portability, and rapid application development time. A majority of our developers deploy systems on SCO UnixWare and SCO OpenServer, as well as SCO Linux servers. filePro's simplicity and speed make it an obvious choice for high growth markets such as Internet applications. It's ability to search large amounts of data and return results faster than other database products has great appeal to e-commerce sites.

    filePro is a cost-effective alternative to its more well-known competitors. It is a perfect choice for small- to medium-sized businesses who need a customizable and powerful database package, but cannot afford to spend the tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars for 'big name' software and development.

    Discover filePro's potential for yourself with a free evaluation version today!

    ================================================== ====================

    TeamSCO Highlights - New SCO Logos Are Ready For Your Site! http://www.sco.com/partners/estreet/0210/highlight .html

    With the name change to The SCO Group from Caldera International, this company has gone back to its roots while at the same time is looking forward to a great future. Our look is updated -- our logos and graphics reflect the understanding we have of our past with enough differentiation to identify the 'new' SCO.

    Now, you can reflect our new look and renewed commitment to our channel partners on your site as you tell your customers and potential customers about your partnership with The SCO Group. New TeamSCO partner logos are available in the Partner Lounge for your use.

    Download a new logo today and show your excitement for the 'new' SCO!

    ================================================== ====================

    Technical Corner - Top 12 Technical Articles http://www.sco.com/partners/estreet/0210/tech.html

    Is there an issue that you just can't seem to find the workaround for? Have you checked the Support Knowledge Center available through Partner Online, one of your benefits as a TeamSCO Partner? The following are the Top 12 Technical Articles for the last month. Maybe your answer is right here!

    If not, check out the Support Knowledge Center and do a search on a key word or subject. There is bound to be an article that will be of use to you as a TeamSCO Developing Partner or Solutions Partner.

    Top 12 Technical Article's from the SCO Knowledge Center:

    1) Open UNIX 8 -- 118247 -- Linux commands that do not function properly under LKP on OpenUnix 8.0.

    2) OpenLinux -- 118266 -- What is CSSA-2002-031.0, concerning mod_ssl off-by-one error?

    3) OpenLinux -- 118242 -- How do I install on a system with the LSI 1030 chipset?

    4) OpenLinux -- 118223 -- Is there any documentation for OpenLinux on how to configure an OpenLinux 3.1.1 as a BackOffice Server?

    5) OpenLinux -- 118471 -- Installation of OpenLinux 3.1.1 on a Toshiba Satellite 3000-X4 notebook

    6) OpenLinux -- 118344 -- What is CSSA-2002-033.0, concerning multiple vulnerabilities in openssl?

    7) OpenServer Release 5 -- 118322 -- Installing the UnixWare and OpenServer Development Kit (UODK) fails on OpenServer 5.0.6

    8) OpenServer Release 5 -- 118463 -- Are there any disk and filesystem size restrictions in OpenServer 5?

    9) UnixWare Release 7 -- 118545 -- Does UnixWare 7 or OpenUNIX 8 support the hyperthreading capabilities of the Intel Xeon processor?

    10) UnixWare Release 7 -- 118382 -- I need to increase the swap size, what are the swap limits?

    11) Volution Messaging -- 118246 -- Automatic client configuration tool only allows IMAP protocol to be used.

    12) Volution Messaging -- 118291 -- Volution Messaging Server Update 1.1.0 Coverletter & Installation Instructions.

    ================================================== ====================

    TeamSCO Partner Program - Solutions Showcase CD Presents Complete Solutions for Our Partners http://www.sco.com/partners/estreet/0210/part.html

    During the creation of the 2002 Solutions Showcase CD, we focused upon creating the complete solution with IHV and ISV partners that specialize in hardware and software applications. In order to have that complete solution, you need hardware, an operating system, and applications to run on top of that. Add to the mix, support and professional services and you have a top-of-the-line solution for your customers. At this point, the Solutions Showcase CD enters with evaluation and trial applications for you to test drive!

    With top-flight partners, such as IBM, Microlite, Intel, fP Technologies, and more, the Solutions Showcase CD offers you the 'Powerful Choices' you have come to expect from SCO. Discover these applications for yourself by ordering a FREE copy of the Solutions Showcase CD today! http://www.sco.com/partners/estreet/0210/order.htm l

    The following is a list of the partners who sponsored the Solutions Showcase CD with a brief description of their application:

    1) Computer Associates - Advantage Ingres Enterprise Relational Database is a proven, high-performance relational database solution that offers the broad scalability and integration required for today's eBusiness environment. It is designed to be easily embedded in mission-critical applications, delivering reliable information management.

    2) IBM - eServer xSeries servers are a complete line of servers with the power you need for multiple applications. The xSeries rack optimized servers are robust, scalable workhorses designed for high rack density and low infrastructure cost.

    3) Intel - C++ Compiler for Linux and the Fortran Compiler for Linux have been developed to deliver optimal performance for compiling and optiminizing all your Linux applications.

    4) Acucorp - Acucorp extend5 Family of Solutions have been designed to help you accommodate changes in your business as well as take advantage of the newest computing technologies at a significantly lower risk and total cost of ownership than rewriting or re-engineering your existing applications.

    5) Borland - Kylix 2 introduces to the Linux operating system rapid eBusiness development with Web Services, providing a complement of powerful standards-based tools to control and deliver business data.

    6) BridgeHead Software - HyperTape Backup and Restore is an enterprise backup and restore software solution for data, databases, and applications. It is designed for efficient backup to automated high capacity peripheral systems.

    7) Century Software - Century's full-featured TinyTERM terminal emulator software product provide the most precise SCO ANSI terminal emulation offered. The TinyTERM suite of products are functional, intuitive, flexible, and economical for any size company at every level of expertise.

    8) Faximum - The Faximum Fax Messaging Server integrates fax with email and enables network users to send, receive and manage their faxes as easily as they do their email. FMS represents the next generation of fax software by delivering desktop fax without the need for proprietary fax client software.

    9) fP Technologies - filePro has been used by database application developers throughout the world to provide robust applications due to its high performance processing, large record and database size, cross platform functionality and portability, and rapid application development time.

    10) Green Light Advantage - AdminUX is the most advanced system administration automation and intrusion defection product of it's kind. It is self-aware, intuitive, pro-active, and has proven itself to be an essential asset to companies who seek to simplify the transition to Linux-based servers.

    11) iConexio - The iConexio Integrated Collaboration Framework is a proprietary framework that manages integration patterns hosted on different servers. ICF is based primarily upon Java and XML open standards, and is designed to support emerging standards, including SOAP, UDDI, WSDL, WAP, and BPI.

    12) Maxspeed - The MaxTerm 3300 server delivers the high-performance capacity of Linux Open Source product supercharged with the fastest Java performance on the market. Now you can have the computing stability, flexibility and value of Linux, combined with the unparalleled speed, security and low cost of a Maxspeed thin client terminal.

    13) Microlite - Microlite BackupEDGE SS provides the most powerful, fully integrated backup and disaster recovery solutions available for SCO platforms. It can make attended or unattended backups, verify data, and quickly restore data files or entire systems.

    14) Synergetic Data Systems - UnForm is a powerful document enhancement tool that seamlessly integrates with your application. UnForm is able to improve document workflow by collating or un-collating copies, duplexing, sending document copies to different bins or devices, faxes, or email gateways.

    15) Vigilant Business Software - Vigilant Point of Sale Inventory Control & Accounting has been specifically designed and developed to address the concerns of retailers. Inventory control and management of inventory flow from purchasing to selling is in the forefront of Vigilant's functions.

    16) Visual Legacy Group - WinFAST is a revolutionary new software product that provides a Web-oriented (GUI) interface for character-based applications. Not only does it provide the graphical dimension associated with a GUI, but it allows for real-time integration at the presentation layer, uniquely blending host, desktop, network and browser applications together.

    Order your FREE copy of the Solutions Showcase CD today and discover the value of these applications for your business! http://www.sco.com/partners/estreet/0210/order.htm l

    ** How Do I Become Part of the Next Solutions Showcase CD? ** The Solutions Showcase CD provides a qualified target audience of solution providers ready and willing to look at more applications. There is a constant need for better and more robust applications -- both hardware and software -- and the Solutions Showcase CD fulfills that need with your applications.

    Sponsoring the CD gives your company an audience of 16,000 Solutions Partners worldwide, space in eSTREET as a spotlight or a sponsor reaching those same partners every month, and spotlight space on the SCO web site.

    If you are interested in taking advantage of this co-marketing opportunity, please contact Amy Roberts at partners@sco.com. She will be able to provide you with all the details necessary regarding the sponsorship spots and the benefits and value to you as a participant.

    ================================================== ====================

    Made for SCO - New Solutions From TeamSCO Partners http://www.sco.com/partners/estreet/0210/made.html

    ================================================== ====================

    Amy Roberts TeamSCO Partner Program partners@sco.com

    < PR: Sixfold Technologies Announces Sixfold PXE Server For Blade and Cluster Computing | LinuxWorld: What's new with HP's open source efforts >



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    DL140 G2 3600MHz 2P EM64T
    DL145 2600MHz 2P Opteron
    DL145 G2 2600MHz 2P Opteron Dual Core
    DL360 G4 3400MHz 2P EM64T
    DL360 G4p 3800MHz 2P EM64T
    DL380 G4 3800MHz 2P EM64T
    DL385 2800MHz 2P Opteron Dual Core
    DL560 3000MHz 4P IA32
    DL580 G3 3330MHz 4P EM64T
    DL585 2800MHz 4P Opteron Dual Core
    CP3000 32x DL140G2 & DL360G4p GigE EM64T
    CP4000 32x DL145G2 GigE Opteron, Dual Core
    CP4000 64x DL145 GigE Opteron
    CP4000 102x DL145 GigE Opteron
    CP4000 32x DL145 Myri Opteron
    Rocks Cluster 16-22 DL145 Opteron
    Rocks Cluster 30-46 DL145 Opteron
    Rocks Cluster 64-84 DL145 Opteron
    LC3000 GigaE 24-36 DL145 Opteron
    LC3000 Myri 16-32x DL145 Opteron
    LC3000 GigaE 16-22x DL145 Opteron
    LC2000 GigaE 16-22x DL360G3 Xeon
    MSA500 G2, SCSI
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