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    CIN: NEC's New Itanium 2 Servers Target The High-End Linux Market
    Monday November 18 2002 @ 04:58PM EST

    November 18, 2002: Linux and .Net Server running on the same high-powered box is just one of the features of NEC's innovative Itanium 2 systems, which the company is unveiling this week.

    The company which built the world's fastest computer has drawn on its experience in supercomputing to build a series of Linux-based high end computers with a host of innovative features.

    NEC -- maker of the Earth Simulator supercomputer, which currently holds the #1 spot on the list of the world's 500 fastest computers -- today is unveiling in the United States its high-performance Express5800/1000 line of servers, aimed at the high performance computing market.

    The Japanese computer maker, whose U.S. headquarters are in Sacramento, Calif., has been shipping the systems in Asia and Europe for several months.

    Full story...

    < HP and PSC Put Linux and IPF on the Grid | PR: Two press releases from Linux Networx >

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