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    The Business and Economics of Linux and Open Source
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    AMD Opteron Cluster Giveaway!
    PSSC Labs, in association with AMD and is giving away an AMD Opteron Beowulf Cluster. State your argument here and you may be the winner. In addition, three more clusters will be given away over the course of this year.

    Aspen Systems Teams with High Performance Technologies to build the 8th Fastest Supercomputer
    Posted by Leslie Cunningham (Wednesday November 20 2002 @ 12:46PM EST) [ ]
    Wheat Ridge, Colorado, November 18, 2002 - Aspen Systems, a world leader in the design, manufacturing and service of a wide array of custom Linux, UNIX and Windows(R)-based computing solutions, announced today the partnership with High Performance Technologies, Inc. (HPTi) to build the eighth fastest supercomputer in the world. Aspen Systems provided HPTi with custom Linux Clusters with integrated Myrinet interconnects to deliver this supercomputer to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Forecast Systems Laboratory (NOAA).

    "As the hardware provider for the Linux Cluster at NOAA's Forecast Systems Laboratory, Aspen Systems is proud to have an integral role in building the supercomputer that was listed as number eight on the highly anticipated high-performance 20th edition Supercomputer “Top500” List. We are also pleased to announce that this cluster enables NOAA's supercomputer to be the second fastest Intel(R)-based supercomputer in the world," stated Aspen Systems' CEO, Mr. Steve Spring.

    The Peak Performance of a cluster in the Supercomputer Top500 List is the ‘best’ performance as measured by the LINPACK Benchmark. LINPACK was chosen, because it is widely used and performance numbers are available for almost all relevant systems. Aspen Systems' cluster has 768 nodes (768 dual 2.2 GH Xeon(TM)) and operates at 3.3 Teraflops, which is 3.3 trillion calculations per second. A supercomputer that operates at this speed can be used for NOAA's specific needs such as weather forecasting, oceanic research and other climate-based modeling, among many other applications that demand high-performance computing.

    "NOAA wanted a system architecture that could grow with its computational demands over the next five years and enable it to lead the development of the next generation of mesoscale models. NOAA's Director described the HPC system designed by HPTi and Aspen Systems with Myrinet interconnects as the future of American supercomputing, noting that it will allow NOAA to continue to pioneer the application of parallel computing technology for weather forecasting," said Mr. Timothy Keenan, COO and Executive Vice President of HPTi.

    As an original Myrinet authorized reseller and leading provider of Myrinet clusters worldwide, Aspen Systems integrated Myricom's Myrinet Technology into NOAA's supercomputer. After thorough investigation and consultation with HPTi and Aspen Systems, NOAA determined that Myricom's Myrinet interconnects provided the best performance, scalability and reliability for this cluster. NOAA also felt Myrinet's scalability would allow for future growth of the Aspen Systems' Linux Cluster.

    "Because Aspen Systems is not only an authorized reseller of the Myrinet product, but a leading manufacturer of Beowulf Clusters, they have the ability to integrate Myricom's Myrinet Technology directly into their world-class products. Aspen Systems has successfully delivered hundreds of Myrinet clusters to many diverse markets segments, including Weather Prediction, Oil and Gas, Genetics Research, Animation and developers of computational-science applications," said Dr. Charles Seitz, CEO/CTO of Myricom.

    About Aspen Systems

    Aspen Systems, Inc., a privately held corporation, has been serving the high-performance, technical computing community with expertise in computer hardware design, manufacturing and service for over 20 years. Their expertise includes a variety of high-performance technical computing disciplines with emphasis on serving the needs of advanced technical computing users and corporations. Aspen Systems specializes in a wide array of custom Linux, UNIX and Windows(R)-based computing solutions for the most demanding applications. Aspen Systems has built their reputation as a leading provider of Beowulf clustering solutions by offering multiple configurations with a choice of processors and connectivity for specific performance needs. First class technical support and state-of-the-art products allows Aspen Systems to create and support the high-performance solutions that customers in the Genomic research, Weather Modeling, Geophysical Research, Semiconductor Design and Molecular Modeling fields (among other compute-intensive parallel markets) demand. For more information, visit the Aspen Systems website at

    About High Performance Technologies

    High Performance Technologies, Inc. (HPTi) is a systems integration and professional services firm specializing in the creative application of leading-edge information technologies. Founded in 1992, HPTi is headquartered in Arlington, VA and has offices in Maryland, New Jersey, Ohio, Colorado and Wisconsin. Its broad client-base of government and commercial clients includes the Department of Commerce, Department of the Treasury, Department of Justice, Department of Education, Department of Defense, National Automobile Dealers Association, Microsoft, Chase Bank, State of Maryland, Army Research Laboratory, the NOAA Forecast Systems Laboratory in Boulder, CO, the Air Force Systems Center in Dayton, OH, and the Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, NM, among others. For more information, visit the HPTi website at


    About Myricom

    Myricom, Inc., a privately held California Corporation, created Myrinet, the leading high-speed network for connecting computers to form clusters. Myrinet clusters are used for computationally demanding scientific and engineering applications, and for data-intensive web and database applications. In addition to direct sales, Myricom supplies Myrinet products and software to IBM, HP, Compaq, Sun, NEC, SGI, Cray, and many other OEM and system-integration companies. There are thousands of Myrinet clusters in use worldwide, including several systems with more than 1000 processors. Myricom started operation in 1994 with revenue growth averaging 67% per year. Myricom's five-year revenue growth earned recognition in the Deloitte & Touche "LA Technology Fast 50" as one of the 50 fastest-growing technology companies in Southern California, and in the "Technology Fast 500" as one of the 500 fastest-growing technology companies in North America. For more information, visit Myricom's website at


    Editorial Contacts:
    Steve Spring
    Aspen Systems, Inc.
    (T) 303-431-4606

    Leslie Cunningham
    Marketing and Public Relations
    Aspen Systems, Inc.
    (T) 303-431-4606

    Timothy Keenan
    COO/Executive VP
    High Performance Technologies, Inc.
    (T) 703-682-5301

    Gay Lynn Moore
    Director of Public Relations
    (T) 626-437-5002

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