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Shrapnel Labs - Spatial Parallel Super Computing
Posted by Mehul Sharma, Sunday June 22 2003 @ 11:32AM EDT

Spatial Parallel Super Computing is a Shrapnel Labs technology, which automatically and dynamically speeds-up and expands any Linux application(s) in magnitude by 1 fold, 10 folds, 100 folds, 1000 folds, 10000 folds or more!

Any Linux application(s) whether serial or parallel in nature, whether using shared memory or not is broken into shrapnel to be parallel processed for speed and expandability in magnitude to virtually any number of folds.

Spatial Parallel Super Computing technology does not touch the target application(s), link libraries or make changes to the code.

Spatial Parallel Super Computing has nothing to do with MPI, PVM, Mosix, Sosix etc.

It is aimed as their replacement.

Shrapnel Labs plans to release its technology in the second week of July and would appreciate interests ranging from customers to distributors.


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