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    Latest News

    ION Computer Systems Introduces New Deep Cached 3.2Ghz Xeon
    Wednesday February 18 2004 @ 10:34AM EST

    Hauppauge, New York - ION Computer Systems, Inc. today announced they would add the newly introduced 3.2GHz Intel® Xeon™ processor with 2 Megabytes of Level Three (L3) cache to their 1U, 2U, 3U, 4U and 5U Dual Processor (DP) Rack Mount Server products. Based on test results the new processor should gain the interest of those whose applications benefit from deeper caches, like database servers and High Performance Computing (HPC) applications.

    ION has tested the performance of the new processors with the SPEC® CPU2000® benchmark suite on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating system. ION’s testing compared the 3.2GHz Intel® Xeon™ processor with 2MB of L3 cache to the previously available Xeon processor with 1MB of L3 cache. These CPU2000 results are currently undergoing the standard review process by SPEC but are available as preliminary results at http://www.ioncomputer.com/benchmarks. SPECint2000 result was 1493 or about 12% faster then on the Xeon processor with 1MB L3 cache. The SPECfp2000 result is 1223, which is over 13% above the result for the processor with less cache.

    Multi-user versions of the SPEC CPU2000 benchmark results demonstrated how deeper cache provides greater benefits to dual processor systems running multi-user or multi-threaded applications. SPECint_rate2000 for 2 users on the 3.2GHz Intel Xeon processor with 2MB of L3 cache was measured at 31.7, or 17% faster than the Xeon processor with 1MB of L3 cache. The SPECfp_rate2000 result showed a similar benefit at 20.7, over 17% faster than the processor with smaller L3 cache.

    “Our ability to rapidly integrate the latest processor technology into our high end manageable compute nodes along with the most advanced network connectivity products available, enables ION to produce extraordinarily fast, scalable clusters in a very short time,” says Paul Scheremeta Vice President of Marketing. All of ION’s product offerings are supported by ION’s Configurator, which offers online configuration guidance, pricing and ordering through the World Wide Web.

    For over 12 years, ION has developed solutions designed to help customers take early advantage of the latest technologies and highest levels of performance.

    To learn more about ION and this new product offering visit us at: http://www.ioncomputer.com/

    < Improvements in kernel development from 2.4 to 2.6 | Appro Announces New Intel Xeon 3.20GHz 2M cache based servers >

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