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    [Linux-HA] ANNOUNCE: Heartbeat version 1.2.1
    Tuesday April 20 2004 @ 11:26AM EDT

    From: Alan Robertson
    Source: Linux-HA Mailing List


    I've just completed tests on Heartbeat version 1.2.1 (stable series). It has a few bug fixes and a couple of new features in it, and can be found in the usual place: http://linux-ha.org/download/

    This version mostly consists of features and bug fixes back-ported from 1.3.0.

    Main changes from 1.2.0 are: Automatic reboot on resource stop failure Stonith devices monitored for working status New hb_takeover command New tests cases Several bug fixes


    Here is the ChangeLog:

    Tue Apr 19 2004 Alan Robertson (see doc/AUTHORS file) + Version 1.2.1 (stable) + Netstrings can now be used for our on-the-wire data format + Perl/SWIG bindings added for some heartbeat libraries + Significant improvements to SAF data checkpointing API + Implemented unbuffered ipcsocket code for SAF APIs + Many Solaris fixes -- except for ipfail, Solaris works + Significant library restructuring + Watchdog device NOWAYOUT is now overridded if defaulted + Watchdog device now kills machine instantly after deadtime instead of after one minute + Hostnames should now be treated case-independently... + Added new client status APIs - client_status() and cstatus_callback() + Fixed bug with auto_failback and quick full restarts + We now automatically reboot when resources fail to stop correctly... + We now check the status of the configured STONITH device hourly... + STONITH operations repeat after a 5 second delay, not immediately... + Added hb_takeover command - complement to hb_standby + Added documentation on how to use evlog/TCP to enable testing to take place without losing messages due to UDP message forwarding + Several new tests from Mi, Jun - split brain, bandwidth, failure detection time. + Fix to LVM resource from Harald Milz + Fixed FreeBSD authentication problems breaking ipfail + Fixed .so loading on Debian + Fixed false complaints about resource scripts (from Jens Schmalzing) + Fixed false stop failure from LinuxSCSI (from Jens Schmalzing) -- Alan Robertson

    < OT: HP Launches World's Most Powerful Scientific Programmable Calculator with Two-line RPN Entry | Enhanced Field Guide: Exploring sequences, genomes and structures >

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