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    Streamline Computing Announces DDT v1.7
    Thursday May 27 2004 @ 05:40AM EDT

    Streamline Computing has announced the release of a new version of its popular Distributed Debugging Tool. The graphical cross-platform debugging tool is renowned for the clarity and simplicity of its interface - turning debugging from a specialist field to a task easily undertaken by any user.

    In this latest release, DDT enables message-queue debugging for MPI - for rapid analysis of deadlock and associated communication problems via a graphical interface. It is now possible to attach to running jobs and processes, and to debug PVM applications. C++ support is also improved - including support for expressions involving virtual function invocation. An improved integrated help system and simplified installation process are among the usability enhancements in this release.

    DDT was first announced at SC2002, and has since received tremendous interest from the HPC community. DDT customers include leading national laboratories, universities and companies throughout Europe, the US and Asia.

    The tool has the industry's best debugger interface for distributed computing. The modern reconfigurable GUI provides drag-and-drop group creation allowing easy grouping of processes by task, or the troubleshooting a problematic process.

    DDT provides a complete debugging solution for complex parallel programs and supports all popular compiler vendors including: Absoft, IBM, GNU, HP, Intel, PGI, and Sun Forte. The tool has support for all MPI implementations, and all major operating systems and architectures, including IA64, AMD64, x86 and PowerPC.

    About Streamline Computing

    Founded in 2000 as a specialist in High Performance Computing, Streamline Computing is one of the leading companies in the provision of software and system integration services for cluster computing. With backgrounds in parallel and high-performance computing, Streamline's experts have unrivalled insight into the hardware and software needed to maximise the capabilities of high performance computing. Streamline's software portfolio includes a parallel debugger and a tool for cluster monitoring and administration; a number of other innovative products are also under development.

    For further information, contact sales@streamline-computing.com or visit the Streamline website http://www.streamline-computing.com.

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