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    Latest News

    ShaoLin and ABAS Announce Strategic Alliance Par
    Posted by Vicky Lau, Wednesday July 07 2004 @ 03:24AM EDT

    (Hong Kong - June 28, 2004) - ShaoLin Microsystems Ltd, the leading Linux infrastructure and storage solutions provider and ABAS Business Solutions, the leading ERP and eBusiness software provider announced a global strategic alliance partnership today. ABAS and ShaoLin will joinly market ABAS ERP software based-on ShaoLin's enterprise Linux infrastructure solutions.

    With the first network management, high availability and disaster recovery feature offering to ABAS software, ShaoLin is setting the standards of high availability and data protection for ERP software with ShaoLin Aptus, ShaoLin HA Cluster and ShaoLin Volume Replicator. Through this alliance, ShaoLin and ABAS will collaborate on the engineering, marketing, and selling of targeted product offerings to provide enhanced business solutions for customers requiring operational resilience.

    'We are pleased to form strategic alliances with leading software companies such as ABAS in order to maximize the power and value of our clients' said ShaoLin Microsystems Chairman and CEO Mr. David Chow. 'ERP is a must enterprise software for any e-businesses nowadays, ultimatlely it should be on everything desktop of every department. The question of choosing a platform to run the application is equipvalent to choosing a platform to standardize the enterprise network infrastructure. Running the ERP client software on a 'Fit Client' infrastructure with ShaoLin Aptus can enhance the overall manageability and security of the enterprise infrasrtucture. Putting the ERP server on a high availability cluster platform with ShaoLin HA Cluster ensures an optimimal uptime to maximize the ROI of the ERP. Real-time data protection for business critical data of the ERP system can be achieved with ShaoLin Volume Replicator. All these combinations form the ultimate ebusiness solution by offering the best combination of applications and platform which offers a maximum ROI'.

    Vincent Lau, Chief Operation Officer, ABAS Business Solutions (PRC) Ltd. says, ''We're excited about the strategic alliance with ShaoLin and is at the right time. With the recent rapid global growth of Linux platform based ERP system especialy in China and Europe, our synergy offers customers with a total ERP system solution combining top-notch ABAS Business Software and Shaolin's award-winning high performance and cost effective infrastructure products.'' Vincent adds that ABAS has supported Linux in the server side since 1995 and further in the client side since 2003. Over 50% of the 1,500 ABAS installations worldwide are based on Linux technology. Through this strategic alliance, ABAS and ShaoLin can leverage on the strengths of both companies to deliver high performance ERP system running on a high availability cluster platform reliably together with ERP clients running on well managed 'Fit Client' desktops.

    About ShaoLin Microsystems Ltd. ShaoLin Microsystems Ltd. is one of the world's leader in the creation and development of Linux infrastructure and storage software. ShaoLin Microsystems provides end-to-end Linux solutions to different size of enterprises and organizations around the world. As a Linux kernel and file system technology R&D company, ShaoLin develops and markets wide range of Linux software products, which include desktop deployment and management solution, storage & network management software, high-availability cluster, and disaster recovery solution. ShaoLin is recognized as one of the rapid growing Asian software companies with industry-leading products. For more information, please visit www.shaolinmicro.com.

    About ABAS Software AG

    ABAS Software AG is the leader specialized in ERP solutions. More than 1,400 customers have adopted for ABAS as their IT specialist and for the integrated standard abas business software which has become one of the most successful ERP programs on the international market during the past years. ABAS has established a professional partner network consisting of more than 400 IT organisational and application consultants. The ABAS sales partners tend to the customers and provide a range of support services covering implementation, hardware and network support, customization and helpdesk. For more information, please visit www.abas.de.

    For further information, please visit www.shaolinmicro.com For press and analyst inquiries contact: Marketing & Public Relations Department ShaoLin Microsystems Ltd. E-mail: marketing@shaolinmicro.com

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