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    eRacks Open Source Systems Enables & Matches Donations
    Tuesday February 01 2005 @ 02:50AM EST

    Feb 1, 2005
    Laguna Beach, CA

    eRacks Open Source Systems today announces a donations program to allow customers to donate funds to benefit the open source and digitial rights communities, and matches those donations with eRacks' corporate funds.

    The Electronic Frontier Foundation is the first organization to be associated with eRacks' new program. The EFF's mission is to protect and ensure individiuals' digital rights. Current EFF projects include activities to support consumer fair use, digital privacy, online freedom of speech, appropriate use of digital rights management (DRM), shrinkwrap / clickwrap license issues, the first sale doctrine, censorship, peer-to-peer systems & substantial noninfringing uses, the appropriate use of copyright & patent law, and appropriate legal treatment of reverse engineering rights.

    More information about the EFF can be found on the EFF website, http://www.eff.org. The continuing development of open source software depends on the free exchange of information.

    eRacks' mission is to enable its customers with control over their own technology, by providing rackmount computer servers already configured with open source software. The less an organization depends on third-party proprietary software within its infrastructure, the more it is free to plan and upgrade on its own schedule, rather than on the whims of often disinterested software providers.

    eRacks' donation program is developed at the response of customer requests. The choice of the donation recipient and amount is offered in eRacks' checkout forms. Now, those who include a donation to an open source or digital rights organization as part of their hardware budget, will be able to accomplish both goals in one transaction, and even ensure that their organization of choice receives matching funds.

    About eRacks:
    eRacks Open Source System is a provider of open source solutions and features its own rackmount servers, desktops and laptops as well as a wide array of services including open source enterprise migration, security, and network architecture design. eRacks offers a wide choice of operating systems and open source application configured on its products, ensuring hardware compatibility and saving the customer valuable time in installation and preconfiguration.

    For more information contact:
    eRacks Open Source Systems
    phone: +949 376 9220

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