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DRI Resource Exchange adds window solutions and exceeds 10M
Posted by Erik Weaver, Monday March 17 2008 @ 07:33AM EST

DRI Resource Exchange adds window solutions and exceeds 10M Core Hours per Month

Digital Ribbon Inc has its sights on becoming the world's leading exchange for high performance computational resources. The firm recently added multiple large systems including a 4,600-core windows cluster. This addition brings Digital Ribbon's total capacity to more than 10,030,200 Core hours per month at the average market rate of around .60 cents per hour.

Our business model is similar to EC2 and Network.com; we deliver supercomputing power on-demand with varying levels of SLA’s and technical assistance in the process. With the addition of windows solutions, DRI now services a critical aspect of the market not previously addressed. In the past we have forced clients to migrate to Linux, however, Microsoft’s HPC tools and resources have matured which no longer require the rewriting code, this would have been too costly and time consuming. Placing Windows high performance tools into our exchange has placed us in a unique market position.

Erik Weaver, chief executive officer at Digital Ribbon, said “The increased capacity puts us as a leading exchange for the buying and selling of computational power worldwide. There are hundreds of companies worldwide that use enormous amounts of computational power for research and development work," Weaver explained. "We are moving into a knowledge-based economy, which requires tremendous amounts of computational resources."

"Companies with deep pockets traditionally invest in mainframes, supercomputers and Beowulf clusters, but for small firms, startup firms and companies who need substantial power for short periods, we deliver those resources in a secure pure on-demand format from one to 4,600 cores on an hourly to monthly basis," Weaver said. "We are offering a cost effective alternative to help balance these highs and lows in bioinformatics, advanced simulation and oil and gas discovery markets."

The exchange creates a secure way to make the IT department a revenue source and deliver larger ROI gains, while lowering capital requirements for short to medium length data intensive problems.

Digital Ribbon is in the process of expanding resources and evolving the exchange interface that clients could log into the exchange and see daily, weekly and monthly on demand resources and cost. Creating a true International Exchange for Computational Resources.

About Digital Ribbon Inc.

DRI is an aggregator of Computational Resources (CR) for growing on demand consumers who are apprehensive about expanding developmental cost and project deadlines. DRI exchange currently has direct access to capacity exceeding 10 million Core hours a month. Our largest single image system in our constellation of resources has over 4,600 cores, and 2 gigs of bandwidth. The resources we represent are extremely diverse (32bit, 64bit) processors, multiple interconnect technologies (including Infiniband) and one of the largest Windows clusters in the world.

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