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BLADE Network Technologies Delivers First 10 Gigabit Ethernet Switch...
Posted by Ken Farmer, Wednesday July 30 2008 @ 04:54PM EDT

SANTA CLARA, CA -- 07/28/08 -- BLADE Network Technologies, Inc. (BLADE), the industry leader in network virtualization and high-performance solutions for servers and storage, announced its new 10 Gigabit Intelligent L3 Switch and 1Gb Intelligent L2 Switch with SmartPanel for NEC SIGMABLADE blade server systems. Now NEC blade servers can provide the high-throughput, low-latency 10 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity required for energy-efficient server virtualization workloads and converged "single fabric" networks. Designed for small and medium businesses, BLADE's SmartPanel can be deployed for easy-to-use Gigabit Ethernet connectivity without sacrificing the benefits of embedded Ethernet switching.

BLADE's 10Gb Intelligent Layer 3 Switch provides four 10Gb Ethernet uplinks and 16 10Gb connections to server blades in the NEC SIGMABLADE blade server system. With 400 Gbps of switching capacity, the new switch delivers the performance required for NEC blade servers to handle today's bandwidth-intensive server virtualization workloads, while consuming much lower power than typical standalone 10Gb switches. The high throughput and low latency switch meets the needs for a converged data center fabric -- allowing data, storage, and cluster communication to share a single network.

BLADE's embedded and rack-level Ethernet switches are becoming a compelling alternative for CIOs and IT departments looking to reduce their data center total cost of ownership (TCO). As a flagship product in BLADE's line of blade switches, the 10Gb switch for NEC SIGMABLADE enables NEC and BLADE to deliver on the promise of Rackonomics for "virtual, cooler and easier" rack-level provisioning of today's massively scaled-out server and storage networks on industry-standard Ethernet.

Blade servers equipped with 10Gb Ethernet links are emerging as the ideal platform for today's server virtualization workloads using hypervisors such as VMware�, Hyper-V(TM) and Xen. Organizations deploying a single fabric for their converged networks can now also realize the advantages of 10Gb Ethernet blade switches at less than $500 per 10Gb port for the new BLADE modules. BLADE's embedded Ethernet switches for NEC blade servers also reduce power consumption by 95 percent per 10Gb Ethernet port compared to 10Gb Ethernet modules used in chassis-based network switches.

NEC intends to leverage its SIGMABLADE blade server product line with embedded 10 Gigabit Ethernet networking to maintain and extend its market leadership. The BLADE 10Gb switch, which will be branded and sold under the NEC SIGMABLADE product family, is the first switch to deliver full 10Gb Ethernet connectivity directly to each NEC server blade. The blade switch excels over competitive switches by delivering 9x lower latency, 2x more throughput and 16x better price-performance than conventional chassis-based 10Gb Ethernet switch modules.

"As NEC strives to fulfill its role as Japan's leading provider of PC servers, our customers see the value of integrated blade server networking and are seeking to implement 10 Gigabit Ethernet networking at the blade server level for the utmost flexibility in meeting today's ever more demanding requirements for network convergence, hyper consolidation, and advanced energy efficiency," said Kimihiko Fukuda, General Manager of Client and Server Division, NEC. "In partnership with BLADE Network Technologies, NEC is enabling our customers to implement 'full-throttle' 10 Gigabit Ethernet blade server networking with 'Rackonomics,' enabling a rack-level approach to affordably, easily, and efficiently scale-out next generation data centers."

"Our new all-10Gb Ethernet switch for NEC SIGMABLADE is the ideal blade networking solution for data centers that are overloaded with cables, crunched for bandwidth and space, and are seeking the utmost power and cooling efficiencies," said Vikram Mehta, President and CEO of BLADE Network Technologies. "Twenty 10Gb Ethernet ports provide ample switching bandwidth to ensure that bandwidth-intensive and latency-sensitive applications such as server virtualization, VoIP, Video On Demand, and High Performance Computing (HPC), can be delivered with high availability. In addition, as a flexible way of connecting blade servers with existing network topologies, our new SmartPanel for NEC SIGMABLADE provides high-throughput server connectivity to existing aggregation networks."

Advantages of Using BLADE's 10Gb Switch on NEC SIGMABLADE

-- Lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for 10 Gigabit Ethernet

-- Direct connectivity to core 10Gb Ethernet routers instead of to gigabit access layer switches

-- Reduced network complexity, cable management and troubleshooting caused by link aggregation

-- Best way to equip blade servers for increased I/O using virtualization solutions

-- Ideal for applications requiring high uplink bandwidth such as IPTV, video surveillance, iSCSI/NAS storage, high-performance computing, remote backup, and disaster recovery

-- Layer 3 static and dynamic routing protocols for network security, flexibility, and bandwidth conservation

-- IP SAN capability that enables customers to scale out a converged network that can accommodate Ethernet-based data and storage traffic

About BLADE's SmartPanel for NEC SIGMABLADE

BLADE's SmartPanel for NEC SIGMABLADE blade servers is a user selectable operating mode of 1Gb Intelligent L2 Switch designed to meet the requirements of customers with simple network infrastructure requirements or limited on-site networking skills. Configuration and management of an NEC SIGMABLADE network is easy and intuitive for the server administrator. The networking features of BLADE's Smart Panel are designed so that an improperly configured device cannot disrupt the network infrastructure. BLADE's Smart Panel can be used to create up to five groups of NEC blade servers so administrators can control network policies such as security and bandwidth for each application group.

For further information about the new 10 Gigabit Intelligent L3 Switch and 1Gb Intelligent L2 Switch with SmartPanel for NEC SIGMABLADE blade server systems, please contact NEC or visit http://www.nec.co.jp/express/products/blades/index.html or http://www.bladenetwork.net/nec

About BLADE Network Technologies

BLADE Network Technologies is the leading supplier of Gigabit and 10Gb Ethernet network infrastructure solutions that reside in blade servers and "scale-out" server and storage racks. BLADE's new "virtual, cooler and easier" top-of-rack switches demonstrate the promise of "Rackonomics" -- a revolutionary approach for scaling out data center networks to drive down total cost of ownership. The company's customers include half of the Fortune 500 across 26 industry segments, and an installed base of over 170,000 network switches representing more than 4 million switch ports. BLADE Network Technologies: building next generation data centers a rack at a time with Rackonomics. Visit: http://www.bladenetwork.net

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