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Think Smart! Academic and Research Stimulus Sale
Posted by Joe Landman, Monday March 02 2009 @ 12:05PM EST

Scalable Informatics announces Think Smart! academic/research stimulus sale. Now through July 31, 2009 we are offering significant savings off list price on JackRabbit high performance storage servers to university and other research groups.

These systems provide from 750-1500 MB/s sustained IOs to disk on RAID6 for streaming operations. With dual 10 GbE NICs or dual DDR Infiniband HCAs, These JackRabbit systems provide from 20-40 Gb/s network bandwidth in the listed configurations. QDR and other options are available at additional cost.

JackRabbit systems are in use globally across multiple industries and research groups, as cluster storage, stand-alone storage, and tightly coupled processing for I/O and CPU intensive workloads. Including financial services, CGI/Animation, media service, seismic processing, as well as cluster storage for users performing engineering simulation, chemistry, physics, and biological research. JackRabbit systems are in use anywhere there is a need for a cost effective, highly reliable, and high performance platform for storing, and processing large amounts of data quickly.

About Scalable Informatics

Scalable Informatics is a privately owned high performance computing solutions company, focusing on delivering pragmatic solutions to your computational and storage problems.

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