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Latest News

NASA launches online historical image gallery
Posted by: Ken Farmer on Wednesday July 30 2008 @ 04:48PM EDT views: 731
ComputerWorld: NASA last week launched a new interactive Web site, jointly developed with the non-profit Internet Archive, which initially combines some 21 separately stored and managed NASA imagery collections into a single online resource featuring enhanced search, visual and metadata capabilities.

HP, Intel, Yahoo partner in cloud computing
Posted by: Ken Farmer on Wednesday July 30 2008 @ 04:41PM EDT views: 719
EETimes: Hewlett-Packard, Intel and Yahoo have partnered with three research groups to create an open source test bed for research in cloud-computing, the concept of using globally distributed computers as a platform for delivering services. In May, Google and IBM announced a similar research collaboration working with MIT, Stanford, and Carnegie Mellon in a Linux-based environment.

TotalView Debugger Helps Edu-Grid Project Win 2008 Campus Technology Innovator Award
Posted by: Kaycee Roberts on Monday July 28 2008 @ 08:57AM EDT views: 705
TotalView Technologies has announced that educational HPC project Edu-Grid, an inter-university joint program led by Northern Iowa University and Earlham College, has been named a 2008 Campus Technology Innovator Award winner by Campus Technology magazine. Edu-Grid uses the TotalView debugger for complex computer science, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and environmental science application development by students and instructors.

YDL PowerStation Ships with ATI X1650 Graphics C
Posted by: Kai Staats on Wednesday July 23 2008 @ 02:45PM EDT views: 801
Available exclusively from Terra Soft Solutions, the YDL PowerStation offers four 2.5GHz IBM 970MP cores, up to 32GB RAM, dual Gigabit ethernet, four USB ports, integrated ultra-fast SAS with 4 hot-swap bays, and both PCI-E and PCI-X slots.

LINUX Administrator / Engineer – HPC Specialist
Posted by: M. Rubke on Tuesday July 22 2008 @ 07:37AM EDT views: 951
System Consultancy Parntners, located in The Netherlands is looking for a LINUX Administrator / Engineer – HPC Specialist. We are prepared to visa sponser the right candidate.

Penguin Releases Scyld Clusterware 4.2
Posted by: Ken Farmer on Friday July 11 2008 @ 03:06PM EDT views: 1052
Latest Scyld Clusterware Release 4.2 delivers additional ease of use and reliability to its industry leading suite of provisioning, management and performance features for Linux Beowulf clusters

Panasas and Penguin Computing Partner to Improve Manageability of Linux-based Clusters
Posted by: Stu Alexander, Penguin Computing on Friday July 11 2008 @ 09:29AM EDT views: 877
Combined Scyld ClusterWare and ActiveStor Parallel Storage Provide Integrated Solution to Improve IT Productivity for Linux Cluster Users

Scyld Clusterware v4.2 Delivers Additional Ease of Use and Reliability to Linux Beowulf Clusters
Posted by: Stu Alexander, Penguin Computing on Friday July 11 2008 @ 08:41AM EDT views: 815
Penguin Computing’s Scyld Clusterware delivers High Availability, Integrated Directory Services, and Parallel Storage Support for Linux Clusters.

Stanford High Performance Computing Conference IV
Posted by: Steve Jones on Wednesday July 09 2008 @ 06:19PM EDT views: 1134
This year's conference has been extended to two full days including research presentations, hands-on cluster building, selected talks from HPC visionaries and workshops that include real-world problems and ways to solve them using software tools. Learn the latest best practices for using, managing and building HPC clusters using the worlds most popular open source cluster software. Hear experiences of real users applying this open source software in a wide range of research and educational environments. Interact with others facing and addressing challenges similar to your own. See presentations from researchers using these cluster resources.

Acumem partners with Lifeboat Distribution
Posted by: Mats Hovmoller on Wednesday July 09 2008 @ 04:39PM EDT views: 1059
Acumem, a provider of intelligent software for single- and multi-core environments, today announced that it has partnered with international specialty software distributor Lifeboat Distribution to distribute its multi-core optimization tools, initially SlowSpotter and SlowSpotter Pro, globally.

Number of HPC Processors Licensed to Run Moab Up 30 Percent on TOP500
Posted by: Cindi Smith on Tuesday July 01 2008 @ 05:01PM EDT views: 1160
Following the recent release of the 31st edition of the TOP500 list of the world’s most powerful supercomputers (, Cluster Resources announced that of the 2.4 million processors on the new Top500 list, more than 23 percent are on Moab-licensed systems, reflecting a 30 percent increase over the previous list, released in November 2007.

Scalable Informatics has 6% off sale on hardware to celebrate 6 years in business!
Posted by: Joe Landman on Tuesday July 01 2008 @ 11:52AM EDT views: 1015
Scalable Informatics celebrates 6 years in business with a 6% sale on hardware products purchased in July 2008.

Terra Soft, Argo Graphics Provide Power Linux to Japan
Posted by: Kai Staats on Tuesday July 01 2008 @ 11:08AM EDT views: 982
Terra Soft Solutions of Loveland, Colorado and Argo Graphics of Tokyo, Japan today announce a collaborative effort to bring enterprise level support to Linux for Power architecture systems in Japan, with immediate support for the IBM PowerXCell 8i 3.2 GHz based QS22 blade and the IBM Cell SDK.

New Performance Analysis Technology Reveals Hidden Performance Bottlenecks in Multicore Apps
Posted by: Mats Hovmoller on Tuesday July 01 2008 @ 05:13AM EDT views: 1088
Many HPC applications scale poorly when migrating to multicore systems, often running far below expected performance. Finding the cause of the problem is often a lot harder than fixing it. This technical white paper by Professor Erik Hagersten shows how developers can now directly identify and eliminate many of the multicore performance bottlenecks in application code without requiring a deep understanding of the system’s processor, cache and memory sub-system.

IBM's Roadrunner sets new supercomputer record using Red Hat
Posted by: Ken Farmer on Monday June 30 2008 @ 04:23PM EDT views: 870
iTWire: A hybrid supercomputer built by IBM for the UD Department of Energy's National Nuclear Security Administration more than doubles the speed of Blue Gene, previously the world's fastest. And it does so with the aid of the processor used in the Sony PlayStation 3.

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