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Latest News

Acceleware Announces New Vice President of Sales
Posted by: Julie Morgan on Wednesday January 16 2008 @ 12:04PM EST views: 749
Acceleware Corp., a leading developer of high-performance computing applications, is pleased to announce the appointment of Shawn Lorenz as the Vice President of Sales for the corporation.

OptimaNumerics and New Markets Management Consulting GmbH
Posted by: Pamela Ingram on Monday January 14 2008 @ 06:16PM EST views: 832
London, UK and Hamburg, Germany (14 Jan 2008) -- OptimaNumerics Ltd., the leading provider of high performance numerical software, today announces a sales and partnership agreement with Joachim Papenhagen, Managing Director of New Markets Management Consulting

Parallelizing Code on Many-core Systems Workshop
Posted by: Mark Smith, Gelato on Tuesday January 08 2008 @ 02:17PM EST views: 954
As Moore's Law evolves into Moore's Core, most hardware vendors are faced with the new reality of reduced single processor-core performance, and the need for efficient utilization of many parallel streams. This single-core performance barrier, and the need to effectively use multi-cores, will apply to every computer user, not just to advanced users and researchers!

Initial release of PelicanHPC
Posted by: Michael Creel on Tuesday January 08 2008 @ 07:46AM EST views: 2095
PelicanHPC is a new project that takes up where ParallelKnoppix finishes. Like ParallelKnoppix, PelicanHPC allows an ad hoc HPC cluster to be set up in minutes. The important difference is that PelicanHPC is based on Debian Live, so customization and staying current with Debian is very easy.

Open-E Kick Starts New Year with FREE Storage Software Download World-wide
Posted by: RJE on Monday January 07 2008 @ 12:12PM EST views: 1103
Open-E, Inc., a leading developer of innovative storage management software, today announced that it will offer a free download of its premiere Data Storage Server (DSS) Lite IP-Storage operating system for a limited time to help kick start the new year. The DSS Lite for the Windows and Linux operating environments, will only be available to be downloaded and activated free of charge from January 7 to January 31, 2008.

TotalView Technologies Partners with International Software Distributor Lifeboat Distribution
Posted by: Kaycee Roberts on Monday January 07 2008 @ 11:00AM EST views: 832
Lifeboat to Distribute TotalView Technologies Products through Reseller Networks in Europe, Asia and Latin America

JPPF 1.0 Generally Available
Posted by: Laurent Cohen on Thursday December 27 2007 @ 10:32AM EST views: 1166
The JPPF Team is pleased to bring important bug fixes and enhancements.

Optim Expands Computing Power with PSSC Labs
Posted by: Alex Lesser on Monday December 24 2007 @ 01:03PM EST views: 1214
Optim has enjoyed the excellent support and maintenance provided by PSSC Labs. The great support and maintenance has given Optim the confidence to invest funds in expanding its computing capabilities.

XtreemOS, a Linux-based OS that supports Grid Computing
Posted by: Sandrine L'Hermitte on Friday December 21 2007 @ 09:20AM EST views: 2869
The XtreemOS project is an ambitious effort to reduce the complexity of grid computing to both the grid user as well as the Grid operator/administrator.

Acceleware to Host Seismic Market Launch Event
Posted by: Julie Morgan on Wednesday December 19 2007 @ 12:25PM EST views: 1210
Acceleware Corp., a leading developer of high-performance computing (HPC) applications, today announced that they will host a seismic market launch event: “High Performance Computing for Seismic Data Processing,” taking place Jan. 30, 2008, in Calgary, Canada.

NVIDIA Launches New Community Site for HPC Developers
Posted by: Julie Morgan on Wednesday December 19 2007 @ 12:23PM EST views: 844
NVIDIA Corporation, the worldwide leader in programmable graphics processor technologies, has launched CUDAZone, a community resource dedicated to HPC developers working with GPUs.

Acceleware to Host Investor's Forum: The High Performance Computing Market
Posted by: Julie Morgan on Monday December 17 2007 @ 01:01PM EST views: 822
Acceleware Corp., today announced the event “Investor’s Forum: The High Performance Computing Market,” taking place Jan. 22, 2008 in Toronto, Canada. The Investor’s Showcase will feature industry acclaimed analyst Dr. Earl Joseph, vice president of IDC’s High Performance System presenting information on the significant challenge of high performance computing in a multi-core, parallel programming future.

SGI to Resell TotalView Technologies' Multi-Core Debugging Product Line
Posted by: Kaycee Roberts on Monday December 17 2007 @ 09:06AM EST views: 829
TotalView Technologies today announced that SGI (NASDAQ: SGIC), a leader in high-performance computing, will make TotalView Technologies’ award-winning debugging product line available to its customers.

Fortis Bank Poland benefits from GridwiseTech's
Posted by: Lukasz Wilczynski on Wednesday December 12 2007 @ 08:58AM EST views: 964
GridwiseTech has equipped Fortis Bank Poland with software designed for advanced process flow management in the business intelligence environment. Fortis Bank will be the first bank in Poland to use the enhanced functionality provided by the Platform Process Manager. It has been implemented as part of a project that has been in progress for over a year. The goal of the project is to set up the Information Platform designed for the purpose of building a comprehensive analytical solution.

TotalView Technologies' MemoryScape Receives Supercomputing Online's 2007 Product of the Year
Posted by: Kaycee Roberts on Tuesday December 11 2007 @ 09:16AM EST views: 733
TotalView Technologies has announced that its MemoryScape memory debugger has received the Editor’s Choice 2007 Product of the Year Award from Supercomputing Online, the homepage for high-performance computing, networking and storage professionals.

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