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rx2620 1600MHz 2P IA64
rx2620 Cluster MSA1000 IA64
rx2600 1500MHz 2P IA64
rx2600 Cluster MSA1000 IA64
DL140 3060MHz 2P IA32
DL140 G2 3600MHz 2P EM64T
DL145 2400MHz 2P Opteron
DL360 G4 3400MHz 2P EM64T
DL360 G4p 3600MHz 2P EM64T
DL380 G4 3600MHz 2P EM64T
DL385 2600MHz 2P Opteron
DL560 3000MHz 4P IA32
DL585 2600MHz 4P Opteron
DL580 G3 3330MHz 4P EM64T
CP3000 32x DL145G2 & DL360G4p GigE EM64T
CP4000 32x DL145 GigE Opteron
CP4000 64x DL145 GigE Opteron
CP4000 102x DL145 GigE Opteron
CP4000 32x DL145 Myri Opteron
Rocks Cluster 16-22 DL145 Opteron
Rocks Cluster 30-46 DL145 Opteron
Rocks Cluster 64-84 DL145 Opteron
LC3000 GigaE 24-36 DL145 Opteron
LC3000 Myri 16-32x DL145 Opteron
LC3000 GigaE 16-22x DL145 Opteron
LC2000 GigaE 16-22x DL360G3 Xeon
MSA1500 24TB, SCSI and SATA
AMD64 and EM64T systems with MSA1500

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Latest News

Design an application for grid
Thursday April 15 2004 @ 10:52AM EDT views: 126
Designing an application for grid computing is much easier if you know what to expect. In this article, you will learn which design elements are suitable for a grid application and which are not. [...]

Status of Beowulf.org mailing lists
Wednesday April 14 2004 @ 01:13PM EDT views: 140
The beowulf.org mailing lists have been down since the end of March. I just spoke with Don Becker from Scyld. The lists should be up within the next few days. [...]

MySQL claims first open source database clustering solution
Wednesday April 14 2004 @ 10:26AM EDT views: 164
NewsForge: Today, at the MySQL Users' Conference and Expo in Orlando, FL, company CEO Mårten Mickos is announcing a new product: MySQL Cluster. According to an embargoed press release sent to NewsForge Monday, this is "...a new open source database clustering technology for applications requiring continuous availability. MySQL Cluster combines the MySQL database with a clustering architecture to deliver 99.999 percent availability to mission-critical database applications." [...]

Network packet capturing for Linux
Wednesday April 14 2004 @ 12:18AM EDT views: 176
This intermediate tutorial covers different mechanisms for capturing and manipulating packets. Security applications -- such as VPNs, firewalls, and sniffers, and network apps such [...]

HEC Montréal: Follow-up on the Large-Scale Mail Installation
Tuesday April 13 2004 @ 11:19PM EDT views: 147
Limux Journal: The May 2004 issue of Linux Journal features an article that discusses the large-scale mail installation we did at HEC Montréal at the end of 2003. The present article describes how the system handled the recent e-mail worm explosion. It provides relevant information and statistics about the efficiency of unsolicited bulk email (UBE) prevention and virus protection policies now in place at HEC Montréal. [...]

[Here's a good laugh] Cray CTO: Linux clusters don't play in HPC
Tuesday April 13 2004 @ 11:13PM EDT views: 194
searchEnterpriseLinux: ...supercomputer vendor Cray Inc. scoffed at the notion of putting Linux clusters in the high-performance computing (HPC) category. [...]

Grid-Savvy MySQL Aims for the Enterprise
Tuesday April 13 2004 @ 11:07PM EDT views: 135
eWeek: MySQL AB looks to guide its open-source database deeper into the enterprise with new clustering capabilities and features to boost operational performance and scale. [...]

Stanford Univ.: Multiple UNIX compromises on campus
Tuesday April 13 2004 @ 10:47PM EDT views: 154
The attacker appears to be deliberately targetting machines in academic and high performance computing environments, rather than attacking systems indiscriminately. [...]

Intel Upgrades Itanium 2
Tuesday April 13 2004 @ 06:28PM EDT views: 143
TechNewsWorld: Earlier today, at a developer's forum in Taipei, Taiwan, chipmaker Intel (Nasdaq: INTC) disclosed that it has developed two new, low-priced Itanium processors targeted toward the server market. Servers employing the new processors will be about 28 percent lower in price and up to 25 percent faster than earlier Itanium 2-based servers, the company said. [...]

Final Call for Papers: The 2004 IEEE International Conference on Cluster Computing
Tuesday April 13 2004 @ 04:34PM EDT views: 231
In less than a decade, commodity clusters have become mainstream and cost-effective computing platforms for executing a wide range of computation-, data-, and transaction-oriented parallel applications. In spite of countless deployed platforms and resounding application successes, many research and development challenges remain for achieving higher performance, scalability, and usability. The IEEE TFCC Cluster 2004 conference, to be held in beautiful San Diego, provides an open forum for researchers, practitioners, and users to present and discuss issues, directions, and results that will shape the future of cluster computing. [...]

Four more Linux Cluster companies added to RFQ form
Tuesday April 13 2004 @ 03:39PM EDT views: 147
We would like to welcome four more Linux cluster vendors to the Cluster Quoter: Advanced Clustering Technologies, Atipa Technologies, Cepoint Networks and Tsunamic Technologies.

Twenty, that's right, twenty companies now receive your RFQ through LinuxHPC.org if you fill out the form. Talk about a time saver! [...]

ION Announces New Itanium2 1.4GHz Server with 3 MB L3 Cache
Tuesday April 13 2004 @ 08:43AM EDT views: 143
ION Computer Systems® Announces A New Server, Based On Intel’s® Itanium®2 Processor At 1.4GHz. With 3 MB L3 Cache, Delivering Outstanding Price And Performance Numbers! [...]

Sun kills UltraSparc V, Gemini chips
Friday April 09 2004 @ 05:10PM EDT views: 185
c|net: Sun Microsystems has discontinued development of two planned chips as it retrenches in a difficult era for the company. [...]

Webcast: Software Development Platform for Linux
Friday April 09 2004 @ 03:14AM EDT views: 142
April 28, 2004 | 11 a.m. eastern standard time (EST) -- This Webcast will help clarify what you should know – best practices, tools, technical capabilities that the solution has to [...]

Cepoint’s R-STOR, 3TB Linux Enterprise Raid System ideal for High Perfomance Storage Cluster
Thursday April 08 2004 @ 01:00PM EDT views: 261
Cepoint's RA212 3TB 2U compact Enterprise RAID system has more power puch than higher priced systems from major players as EMC, NetAPP and IBM. RA212 which has been shipping since Decemember 2003 is powered by iSCSI or FC-AL adapters,and TOE (Total Offload Engines) for maximum performance in Storage Clustering environments. [...]

Build a grid with Perl, Part 3: Metadata
Thursday April 08 2004 @ 11:01AM EDT views: 129
This tutorial is the third in a series of tutorials looking at how you can develop a grid solution with Perl. This series looks at building a framework for a grid system while [...]

Dolphin Interconnect Announces Support for the New 64-bit and 32-bit Scyld Beowulf Cluster OS
Wednesday April 07 2004 @ 11:37AM EDT views: 194
Clinton, MA and Oslo, Norway, April 7, 2004—Dolphin Interconnect announced today that they have support from Scyld Software, a leader in second-generation Beowulf clustering software. Starting with the 29-series release of Scyld Beowulf for the IntelÒ XeonÔ and AMDÒ OpteronÔ platforms. The 29-series significantly reduces the time necessary to develop and deploy a distributed parallel application by providing scientists and application developers with out-of-the-box integrated parallel programming code libraries, a scalable deployment architecture and cluster management interfaces. In addition to 64-bit support, the 29-series includes software code library compatibility and binary compatibility with other market-leading commercial Linux distributions. [...]

Tuesday April 06 2004 @ 04:33PM EDT views: 235
Prepackaged Clustered Servers Deliver High-Performance to Small and Medium Sized Businesses

Armonk, NY, April 6, 2004 -- IBM today announced new Departmental Supercomputing Solutions, a variety of prepackaged, pre-tested cluster configurations that deliver easy to manage high-performance compute [...]

PathScale High-Performance 64-Bit Compilers to Be Offered With IBM Dept Supercomputing Solution
Tuesday April 06 2004 @ 03:58PM EDT views: 159
IBM and PathScale have signed a teaming agreement to jointly market PathScale's high-performance AMD64-optimized Linux compiler suite to IBM HPC customers on a global basis. IBM will offer a trial version of the PathScale EKO Compiler Suite, including C, C++ and Fortran 77/90/95 compilers, with one of its new Departmental Supercomputing Solutions based on the IBM eServer 325. [...]

Linux Networx: Clusternews Issue #12
Tuesday April 06 2004 @ 12:08PM EDT views: 240
Issue #12 of Linux Networx Clsuter newsletter. [...]

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