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Latest News

TeamHPC Implements the First Dual-Core AMD Opteron-Based Linux Cluster
Thursday August 11 2005 @ 12:41PM EDT views: 207
Computational Science Center at the University of California at Davis Purchases 144-CPU AMD Opteron Processor-Based Linux Cluster [...]

Appro XtremeBlade wins LinuxWorld Expo 2005 Product Excellence Awards
Wednesday August 10 2005 @ 11:47PM EDT views: 92
Appro, a leading provider of high-performance enterprise computing systems announces that LinuxWorld magazine in conjunction with the show’s organizers IDG World Expo has named the company's Appro’s XtremeBlade Cluster Solution as the winner of the “Best Clustering Solution” category for the Product Excellence Awards at the LinuxWorld Expo. [...]

Cluster Builder Expands: Incorporates Grids and Applications
Wednesday August 10 2005 @ 03:13PM EDT views: 78
An expanded version of Cluster Builder was released today, http://www.linuxhpc.org/clusterbuilder , extending the site's scope beyond basic cluster components to include industry specific applications and grid middleware. [...]

HP works to bring Linux to NonStop servers
Wednesday August 10 2005 @ 01:16PM EDT views: 83
News.com: Hewlett-Packard has begun collaborating with universities in an effort to adapt Linux for its NonStop servers, a rarely used but very high-end product line. [...]

Platform Computing & SGI Expands Relationship to Manage Linux Clusters
Wednesday August 10 2005 @ 12:00PM EDT views: 87
Platform Computing Inc., the global leader in grid computing, today announced that it has expanded its strategic relationship with Silicon Graphics (NYSE: SGI), the world’s leader in high-performance computing, to provide a qualified and supported Linux cluster management solution for the SGI® Altix® 1350 cluster. Platform Rocks 4.0 will be available to SGI customers late summer 2005. Adding SGI to the list of supported Linux cluster providers enables Platform Rocks 4.0 to reach enterprises of all shapes and sizes. [...]

Platform Computing's Cluster Management with Platform Rocks 4.0
Wednesday August 10 2005 @ 11:58AM EDT views: 129
Platform Rocks 4.0 provides more choice, flexibility and efficiency for enterprises in the deployment and management of Linux clusters. [...]

Scyld Software and Cluster Resources Form Alliance
Wednesday August 10 2005 @ 11:44AM EDT views: 593
Scyld Software, the leader in scalable Linux clustering software, today announced an agreement with Cluster Resources, Inc., an innovator in advanced workload and resource management software. The two companies have joined forces to extend the virtualization and system management capabilities of Scyld BeowulfTM Linux clustering software to include a powerful workload management toolset, the Scyld TaskMaster Suite. This extension of the Scyld Beowulf product family, known for being the most elegant Linux clustering solution for high performance computing (HPC), sets a new standard for simplicity of deployment, ease of use and Linux cluster utilization. The result of this new alliance represents a significant advance towards a comprehensive virtual environment for Linux clusters. Scyld is previewing the new software at LinuxWorld 2005 booth #432. [...]

Springfield Deploys Ammasso 1100 RDMA over Ethernet Adapters for Distributed Computing
Wednesday August 10 2005 @ 11:09AM EDT views: 118
Ammasso, Inc. today announced that OSC-Springfield has selected the Ammasso 1100 Ethernet Adapter for their newest High Performance Computing cluster, which is distributed over multiple sites and interconnected via a WAN. Ammasso is the leading provider of RDMA over Ethernet networking solutions for server-to-server applications including High Performance Technical Computing (HPTC), grid computing, and IP storage. [...]

Industry's Highest Performance Linux Cluster Interconnect Now Shipping in Volume
Wednesday August 10 2005 @ 10:19AM EDT views: 118
World's First AMD Dual-Core Linux Cluster Using PathScale InfiniPath Ultra Low Latency Interconnect Deployed at University of California [...]

Why Linux on Clusters? Part 1 of 3
Tuesday August 09 2005 @ 06:49AM EDT views: 168
ClusterMonkey: Linux on HPC clusters seems to be an obvious choice. It was not, however, a forgone conclusion that Linux would end up leading the supercomputing parade when Tom Sterling and Don Becker used it to build the first Beowulf cluster. Inquiring minds want to know "Why Linux on Clusters?" [...]

IBM offers starter pack for grid computing
Tuesday August 09 2005 @ 06:35AM EDT views: 90
ComputerWorld: IBM plans to unwrap a bundle of software, hardware and services called Grid and Grow at the LinuxWorld show in San Francisco today. The company hopes the bundle will act as a starter pack for midsize and large companies wanting to move into grid computing, according to an IBM executive. [...]

SGI to Resell Quadrics Cluster Interconnect
Tuesday August 09 2005 @ 06:27AM EDT views: 89
Quadrics, the high performance interconnect leader, today announced an alliance with Silicon Graphics (NYSE: SGI) under which SGI Professional Services can resell Quadrics QsNetII interconnect solutions to Enterprise and HPC customers purchasing SGI’s Altix platform. [...]

Supermicro System Board and PathScale InfiniPath HTX Adapter Provides New HPC Option
Monday August 08 2005 @ 03:51PM EDT views: 137
World's First HyperTransport-Enabled Quad-Socket AMD Opteron System Board with Lowest Latency InfiniBand Interconnect Certified by PathScale and Supermicro [...]

Open Source Gaining Favor in Federal IT Sector
Monday August 08 2005 @ 02:27PM EDT views: 63
HPCwire: As new federal requirements for enhanced computing capabilities confront public sector agencies, government managers are increasingly adopting open source architecture to upgrade their IT environments, says a new survey from Larstan Business Reports. [...]

NYU Taps IBM Supercomputer to Help Solve the Mysteries of the Sea
Monday August 08 2005 @ 01:57PM EDT views: 258
IBM BladeCenter Technology Gives NYU Fastest Supercomputer in New York City With a Footprint of Only 30 Square Feet [...]

Scali CEO: Putting Windows vs. Linux clusters on the scale
Friday August 05 2005 @ 04:36PM EDT views: 137
SearchEnterpriseLinux.com: Seeing gains made by Linux in the corporate application clustering segment, Microsoft came on strong with its own cluster offerings. But is a Windows cluster strong enough? Clustering expert Bjorn Skare thinks not. [...]

HP Endows Storage Line With Grid Computing Features
Friday August 05 2005 @ 04:34PM EDT views: 73
CRN: Hewlett-Packard is laying the foundation to move its storage to the next stage: grid computing. [...]

Compute Portal Project
Thursday August 04 2005 @ 07:00AM EDT views: 83
A portal project to produce a Web-based front end to a compute resource, such as a cluster, using PHP, MySQL, and Apache. The intent is to allow non-programmers to use complex programs through an intuitive interface. [...]

Penguin adds new 64-bit BladeRunners
Wednesday August 03 2005 @ 06:03PM EDT views: 84
InfoWorld: Linux hardware and clustering company Penguin Computing is releasing two new blade servers in its BladeRunner family, the 4130 and the 4140, based on 64-bit chips from Intel and Advanced Micro Devices, respectively. Penguin will be showing off the blades at the LinuxWorld show taking place in San Francisco from Monday to Thursday. [...]

Winchester Systems Intros 9.6 TB of SATA Storage in One Enclosure
Wednesday August 03 2005 @ 05:54PM EDT views: 87
FlashDisk SATA Turbo is a SATA II external RAID array that provides 9.6 TB of low-cost storage using Serial ATA I or II drives. It supports dual Ultra320 SCSI host interfaces in a rugged and easily serviceable 4U enclosure. This enhanced 24 bay disk array is the fastest and most cost-effective system available for low cost SATA, disk-to-disk backup, and archive requirements. [...]

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