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Maximize Your Exposure To The Linux HPC Community! brings you the most affordable avenue to get the message out to the community about your company, products and services.

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Expect it to be difficult to associate click-throughs with purchases. Approach banner, newsletter and vendor page advertising with name branding. The more a potential customer sees your company's name and information the more likely they are to come to you when they make the decision to purchase.

It's up to you to find out what influenced customers to purchase and how they found out about your company. It would also be advisable to ask them if they have seen any of your company's advertising campaigns.

With banners images you will be given a username, password and website address to check the stats on your advertising campaign. You should check this frequently to see if your banner is drawing the attention you desire.

Demographics: has well over 750 unique visitors daily. Many come several times per day. Stats below gathered from survey in 2009.

Who visits:

75% - System Managers/Administrators
20% - Mid-level Technical Managers
5% - End users, beginners, etc.

Where visitors originate (geography):

55% - North America (US, Canada)
25% - EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa)
15% - Asia (Australia, Malaysia, Japan, China)
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- Universities and Educational Institutions
- Government Agencies
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- Biotech
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Sponsorship or listing requires the following:

- Payment in full in advance.

- Each form of sponsorship or listing requires a time commitment except a Vendor page listing.

10% Discount:

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Choose one of these images:

Articles and Press Releases

Posting articles, announcements and press releases on is free-of-charge. Post here.

Whitepapers and Presentations (12 month commitment)

We will post Whitepapers and presentations on These are great methods of getting information out on your products and services. We will need company name with a URL to the material, contact information and a brief description.

Vendor Page Listing

You will need to provide:

* = Appears now or will appear on the vendor page.

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Text Advertising

Text advertising is a "Google" style listing in the right column. Your company name, URL and 15 word advertisement is displayed on every page in the right column of the site.


PSSC Labs is the leading supplier of BEOWULF clusters. Over 250 installs and counting.

Banner Advertising has two types of graphical advertising:

Rotating: Each image is placed in the rotation with equal preference. They are randomly rotated. These images can be animated with a maximum of four frames and should not be any larger than 20k in size.

- 468x60 banners rotate at the top and bottom of each page
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- 468x60 banner example:

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Special arrangements can be made if your advertising does not fit any of the above requirements. The above is meant only as a guide and is not written in stone.

Newsletter Advertising: publishes a monthly newsletter sent to subscribers who voluntarily sign up. The monthly newsletter summarizes news from the previous month, lists upcoming events and on occasion has articles and tutorials. There will be no more than four advertisements in each newsletter.

Newsletter ads consist of the company name, URL and seventy-five words advertisement.


PSSC Labs is the leading supplier of BEOWULF clusters. We have delivered over 250 clusters to the world's most demanding organizations, including NASA, the DOD and many more. PSSC Labs will provide you with a turn-key Beowulf supercomputer or workstation to meet your specification and budget..


Vendor Page Pricing:
- $25.00/mth
- 12 month commitment paid in advance
- Optional: You will place an image, small button, on your company's website for cross-promotion.

Whitepapers and Presentations Pricing:
- $125.00/mth
- 12 month commitment, whitepapers and presentations can be updated or changed on request

Text Advertising Pricing:
- $150.00/mth
- 12 month commitment, the 15 word advertisement can be updated or changed on request

- 468x60 rotating banner: $300.00/mth, 3 month commitment paid in advance
- 130x130 rotating banner: $300.00/mth, 3 month commitment paid in advance
- 130x65 static banner: $450.00/mth, 3 month commitment paid in advance
- 88x31 static button: $150.00/mth, 3 month commitment paid in advance
- will be listed on your site as a media partner with a URL

Newsletter Pricing:
- Monthly +/- Newsletter ad: $250.00/mth, 3 month commitment paid in advance
- You will place an image, small button, on your company's website for cross-promotion.

Exclusive advertising is available for certain market sectors, ie: training, refurbished hardware, etc. Exclusive advertising means your company is the only advertiser for a particular market sector on Email Ken Farmer for more details.

Media Sponsorship: has done many media sponsorships in the past. We are always willing to help spread the word about Linux related events.

Media sponsorships by SpyderByte portals in the past have included: LinuxWorld (Canada & US), GridWorld, ClusterWorld, Cluster 2005, NetworkWorld

Here's what we provide:
- 468x60 or 130x130 image placed on - Mention in the newsletter of your event. We usually don't have a size requirement as long as the size is reasonable. What gets: - logo on event printed material - banner hung at the event - 2 full-access media passes to the event

By advertising with you will get exposure in the community without having to pull cash out of your marketing budget.

Email us and we will contact you via email of voice call. We can then explain the current visitor status of and what we have planned in the future.

We hope you will find this alternative method of advertising advantages to your company and we look forward to working with you.

Kenneth R. Farmer
Send a message
Voice: 336-736-7376



Cluster Monkey

HPC Community

Supercomputing 2010

- Supercomputing 2010 website...

- 2010 Beowulf Bash

- SC10 hits YouTube!

- Louisiana Governor Jindal Proclaims the week of November 14th "Supercomputing Week" in honor of SC10!

Appro: High Performance Computing Resources
IDC: Appro Xtreme-X Supercomputer Blade Solution
Analysis of the Xtreme-X architecture and management system while assessing challenges and opportunities in the technical computing market for blade servers.

Video - The Road to PetaFlop Computing
Explore the Scalable Unit concept where multiple clusters of various sizes can be rapidly built and deployed into production. This new architectural approach yields many subtle benefits to dramatically lower total cost of ownership.
White Paper - Optimized HPC Performance
Multi-core processors provide a unique set of challenges and opportunities for the HPC market. Discover MPI strategies for the Next-Generation Quad-Core Processors.

Appro and the Three National Laboratories
[Appro delivers a new breed of highly scalable, dynamic, reliable and effective Linux clusters to create the next generation of supercomputers for the National Laboratories.

AMD Opteron-based products | Intel Xeon-based products

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