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    HP Direct
    If you don't know about HP Direct you should check it out. I've found this program very useful. They setup a website for you with 5-18% discount and you get assigned a sales rep that actually answers the phone. They even have a parts number search engine. More info...

    If you're developing Linux on Itanium you need to visit this site daily. Join the federation and help the effort as well as take advantage of the software starting to populate the site.
    PR: Promicro Systems Exhibits Scalable Performance Clusters @ SC2002
    Posted by Sandy Pichitpai (Wednesday November 13 2002 @ 04:36PM EST) [ ]
    BALTIMORE, MD – (SC2002 Booth #1945) – November 13, 2002 – Promicro Systems will continue to champion the advancement and implementation of Linux clustering technology at the 15th Annual SC2002 Conference, a worldwide forum for envisioning the future of HPC and networking technologies. The company will demonstrate Intel-based Linux clusters that provide a flexible, scalable and powerful computing platform for research institutions, computationally-intensive vertical industries, and the general business sector. Promicro has also partnered with its customers to illustrate different clustering applications at SC2002. Promicro will demonstrate various cluster technologies with Los Alamos National Laboratory (booth #R3211) and the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) at the University of California, San Diego (booth #R1134).

    To demonstrate a cluster’s non-stop computing capabilities, Promicro has teamed up with Intel, booth #1835, to demonstrate a fault tolerant cluster. Featuring dual Xeon™ 2.8 GHz processors, and Red Hat® version 7.3, this cluster can continue to operate reliably under virtually any conditions, providing companies with zero downtime. The Intel Server Management Software feature also simplifies management by providing a single point of control. With such a wide variety of HPC exhibits to experience, SC2002 attendees will have the opportunity to learn about clustering benefits, ranging from faster time-to-market and product development cycles to optimized productivity and profitability.

    Promicro will also exhibit the ProStore high capacity RAID storage system. Featuring serial ATA drives from Maxtor and an 8-port serial ATA RAID card from 3ware, the system can move large amounts of data without interruption, a critical factor for content-heavy applications that are found in research labs.

    Promicro Systems will be hosting a reception during SC2002, providing an overview of high performance computing clusters using NPACI ROCKS, open-source clustering software that provides high levels of security, responsiveness, availability, and reliability. ROCKS makes clusters easy to deploy, manage, upgrade and scale. The event takes place on Wednesday, November 20 from 6 – 8 p.m. at the Sheraton Inner Harbor Hotel, adjacent to the Baltimore Convention Center.

    About Promicro Systems Promicro Systems is a leading provider of high performance computing solutions for a wide range of markets, including enterprise, entertainment, life sciences, petrochemical, education and government. Specializing in Linux-based servers and clusters, Promicro Systems delivers innovative technology and superior integration services with a focus on time-to-market and return-on-investment. The company is the winner of the Intel® Premier Provider Award for Greatest Intel Server Sales and Growth in 2001. Other product offerings include the NetPC, storage systems, workstations, and KVM solutions. For more information, please visit the company's web site at www.promicro.com.


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