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Single System Image Clusters for Linux
The SSI project leverages both Compaq's NonStop Clusters for Unixware technology and other open source technology to provide a full, highly available SSI environment for Linux. Goals for SSI Clusters include availability, scalability and manageability.

Cluster Infrastructure for Linux
This project is developing a common infrastructure for Linux clustering by extending the Cluster Membership and Inter-node Communication Subsystems from Compaq's NonStop Clusters for Unixware code base.

Grow your own:

Linux Cluster
gen100.imb-jena.de hosted at the Genome Sequencing Centre in Jena. The node forms the central unit of a high performance Linux cluster running under the SuSE 6.0 distribution. There's a hardware and software listing you can use to create your own cluster.

SCL Cluster Cookbook Building Your Own Clusters for Parallel Computation
This is a very brief example of how to build a small cluster with little emphasis on equipment selection. If nothing else, it will give you an idea of the work involved in actually constructing the cluster.

Advanced Cluster Computing Consortium at Cornell, NY, USA
Albatross Wide Area Cluster Computing , Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, NL
MIT Alewife (large-scale multiprocessor including distributed shared memory and message-passing)
ALiCE The Wuppertal Alpha-Linux-Cluster-Engine , physics / techn. appls
ATM-Projekte der Professur Daten- und Kommunikationstechnik (TU Chemnitz)
ATOLL - Network on a Chip Communication Hardware Development at University of Mannheim
Cluster Benchmarks Homepage
Effective I/O Benchmark (with parallel MPI-I/O appl's)
Beowulf Project at CESDIS (PC Clusters running Linux)
Beowulf project at Techn Univ of Braunschweig, Germany (documentation very detailed)
Smile Beowulf Cluster at Kasetsart University, Thailand
Berkeley NOW (tracking industry performance increase using high-speed networks)
Buffalo Cluster-based Computing via ATM
Cluster Computing Lab - Forum on cluster computing at Reading, UK
The Cluster Computing Project - Software evaluation
Cluster of PCs at the Distributed Systems Group of Bar-Ilan University, Israel (unavailable at times)
Cluster Shared Project of University of Minnesota and IBM
CNA (Cluster of Workstations - Uni Rostock)
Colorado State University Agricultural Genetics Cluster Computing Project (using Beowulf)
CoPs - Clusters Of PCS - architectural and OS issues concerning PC clusters with a Gigabit/sec interconnect
CoRR - ACM Computing Research Repository: Distributed, Parallel, and Cluster Computing
CPlant Computational Plant - commodity-based large-scale MPP system project
DAS (Distributed ASCI Supercomputer) - wide-area distributed cluster
DIPC (Distributed inter-process communication) for Linux
DSM-Threads: distributed shared memory environment with POSIX-like distributed threads (Humboldt University Berlin, Germany)
DYNAMITE, Dynamic allocation of computing resources (Genias GmbH, Germany)
EROPPA, Experiments on Remote Operations for Post Production Applications
Eurotools Special Interest Groups on HPF, PVMPI, OO, Metacomputing
Galileo (future relationship between processor and memory)
Grid Computing Info Centre (GRID Infoware)
The HKU PearlCluster - towards single system image
HPCC system for sciences and engineering at National Electronics and Computer Technology Center, Thailand
Projekt Hypercomputing (Universität Rostock)
Illinois High Performance Virtual Machines Project - software technology for scalable clusters
Livermore Computing (Delivering TeraScale Computing)
Locust (low latency communication subsystem)
Mannheim Supercomputer-Tage , yearly meeting on supercomputing
MOSIX (BSD/OS kernel enhancement for cluster computing)
MP-MPICH: Multi-platform MPICH at RWTH Aachen, Germany
MPICH 1.1.2 RPM (Intel) for Redhat 6.0 ( kernel 2.2.5 ) Linux - binary and source code
MiMPI multithread-safe MPI implementation, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain
National Scalable Cluster Project (University of Pennsylvania)
NHSE - National HPCC Software Exchange
NICse A high performance cluster computer , physics / techn. appls
Operating Systems' Projects
OSCAR (Open Scalable Cluster ARchitecture - TU Chemnitz)
OpenMP - multi-platform API (UNIX's, Windows ,...) for shared-memory parallel programming (C/C++, Fortran)
PACX-MPI, Message Passing Environment for Metacomputing
Paderborn SCI Compute Cluster
PAPERS project (allowing a cluster of PCs/WSs function as a fine-grain parallel computer)
ParaNUMApps (Application Parallelization on NUMA Shared-Memory Cluster - RWTH Aachen)
ParaStation (parallel processor sys. using off-the-shelf workstations)
Parnass2 - A cluster of Dual-Processor PCs with a GigaBit/s MyriNet interconnect
PM2 (Parallel Multithreaded Machine) High Perf - a distributed multithreaded environment for irregular parallel applications
QUT Gardens Project - Programming Languages and Systems (PLAS) Research Concentration
RD24 project (Applications of SCI for Data Acquisition at LHC, finished - CERN)
Rthreads (Programmentwicklung in verteilten Systemen - Universität Augsburg)
RWCP Parallel Dist'd System Software (64-node PC cluster) at Tsukuba Lab, Japan
S3.mp project (low cost highly scalable multiprocessor sys. - Sun Inc.)
Scalable Cluster Research
SCI activities at the University of Valencia (UPV) / Spain
The SCI (SCI IEEE Standard 1596-1992 - CERN)
SCI at CERN (Activity on SCI Scalable Coherent Interface)
SCI Activities in the HCS Research Lab at University of Florida, USA
SCore Cluster System Software in Tsukuba Research Center, Japan
SHRIMP Project (Scalable High-performance Really Inexpensive Multi-Processor)
SISCI (Standard software Infrastructure SCI)
Shared Memory Interface at Aachen University, Germany
SMiLE project (Shared Memory in a LAN-like Environment - TU München)
Stoertebeker Fleet - project on various PC clusters at Medical University of Lübeck, Germany
Sun/SPL Collaboration in Cluster Computing (Cluster Computing in medical applications)
SVMlib (Shared Virtual Memory library - RWTH Aachen)
IEEE CS Task Force on Cluster Computing (TFCC)
TORC Tennessee Oak Ridge Cluster Project heterogeneous PC cluster project
Trumpf, Mannheim RUM Pentium Farm, HPC on Pentium Linux Cluster and Comyc, Mannheim IWR - RUM Cooperation Myrinet PentiumPro Cluster
U-Net (user-level network interface architecture - Cornell Univ., N.Y.)
UCLA IBM SP2/Cluster - at University of California, L.A.
Berkeley VIA Project - Virtual Interface Architecture
M-VIA: A High Performance Modular VIA for Linux VIA Software Development at NERSC
VIA meets SCI SCI and VIA development at University of Technology Chemnitz
IBM 16-node DB2 SMP cluster with VIA
ViPIOS Vienna Parallel Input Output System
WAMM, Wide Area Metacomputer Manager
WMPI - Windows MPI
ZUSE Parallel PentiumPro Cluster at University of Koblenz/Landau, Department of Physics

Know of a project not listed here? Submit a project...

LinuxHPTC @ HP
Scalable Cluster Center
Grid Computing
LC Series Clusters
HPTC Linux Cluster Software
Linux ClusterBlocks
XC Series
XC Clusters White Paper
XC3000 Cluster Reference Guide
XC6000 Cluster Reference Guide
XC Clusters InfoSheet
XC System Software for Intel® Xeon
XC System Software for Intel Itanium 2
LC Series
LC Cluster Design Guide
LC1000 Design Guide
LC2000 Design Guide
LC3000 Design Guide
LC Setup Guide
Golden Eggs
Integrity rx2600 Systems 1500MHz 2P

Integrity rx2600 Cluster MSA1000
ProLiant DL145 2200MHz 2P AMD64
ProLiant DL585 2200MHz 4P AMD64
HP Cluster Software
Debian & HP Extensions
Scali Manage and Scali MPI Connect
"NPACI Rocks" cluster toolkit
Linux/IA64 Native User Environment
Linux/IA-64 Simulator

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