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rx2620 1600MHz 2P IA64
rx2620 Cluster MSA1000 IA64
rx2600 1500MHz 2P IA64
rx2600 Cluster MSA1000 IA64
DL140 3060MHz 2P IA32
DL140 G2 3600MHz 2P EM64T
DL145 2400MHz 2P Opteron
DL360 G4 3400MHz 2P EM64T
DL360 G4p 3800MHz 2P EM64T
DL380 G4 3600MHz 2P EM64T
DL385 2600MHz 2P Opteron
DL560 3000MHz 4P IA32
DL585 2600MHz 4P Opteron
DL580 G3 3330MHz 4P EM64T
CP3000 32x DL145G2 & DL360G4p GigE EM64T
CP4000 32x DL145 GigE Opteron
CP4000 64x DL145 GigE Opteron
CP4000 102x DL145 GigE Opteron
CP4000 32x DL145 Myri Opteron
Rocks Cluster 16-22 DL145 Opteron
Rocks Cluster 30-46 DL145 Opteron
Rocks Cluster 64-84 DL145 Opteron
LC3000 GigaE 24-36 DL145 Opteron
LC3000 Myri 16-32x DL145 Opteron
LC3000 GigaE 16-22x DL145 Opteron
LC2000 GigaE 16-22x DL360G3 Xeon
MSA1500 24TB, SCSI and SATA
AMD64 and EM64T systems with MSA1500

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Complete, native, F90/F77 toolset for porting/developing Fortran code on Linux/Intel. Compilers support all popular workstation extensions, f2c, gcc, g77 link compatible, Big Endian<->Little Endian data conversion. Includes graphical debugger, libraries, more. Argonne maintains Absoft/MPICH. NCSA offers Absoft/HDF. Absoft/IMSL available($). Absoft Pro Fortran is a commercial product. Volume and academic pricing available.
Products: Software Cluster Kit

AcceleratedServers specializes in creating massively scalable supercomputers using rackmount servers in a proprietary Beowulf clustering environment, developed at NASA Goddard. We also provide hosting of individual and clustered servers at tier-1 datacenters with access to over six gigabits of connectivity from all major network providers. Clients include UCSD, GWU, Virginia Tech and Hughes.

Ace Computers
Ace specializes in customized high-performance workstations, clusters, mobile workstations and storage. Ace is an original member of the Intel® Premier Provider Program and an Intel server/desktop/mobile channel leader. We're a winner of Intel's Premier Award in 2000 and Success Story in 2001 and several Gartner Awards including best Customer Care in 2001-2002 and 2003. Ace is a member of the VARBusiness 500 and one of the top 50 system builders in the nation and has become an expert at building Intel-based cluster, server and storage solutions for Linux and other operating systems.
Products: HPC/Beowulf Clusters, Linux and Windows based workstations and file servers, NAS and SAN Solutions, RAID Arrays, Mobile Workstations, various interconnects included: Infiniband, Wulfkit and Myrinet, all systems are professionally configured and may be turnkey installed.

Advanced Clustering Technologies
Advanced Clustering Technologies is a premier provider of Linux based servers, workstations, and high-performance computer clusters for organizations involved in all types of research including, biotechnology, chemical modeling, weather forecasting, oil and gas exploration, and visual effects. Advanced Clustering Technologies is a privately held corporation based in North Kansas City, Missouri.
Products: HPC/Beowulf Clusters, Linux based workstations and file servers, RAID Arrays, storage solutions, various interconnects included: Infiniband, Wulfkit and Myrinet, all systems are custom configured and turnkey.

Founded in August 1999, Alinka develops and supports Corporate-class clustering solutions running Linux for Internet and enterprise computing infrastructures. Alinka software-based integrated solutions take cares of all the installation and configuration issues for Linux clusters, either for high performance, high availability or scalability demands.
Products: Alinka Raisin, AlinkA Oranges

Altair Engineering (UK)
Altair Engineering can help you optimise your IT investments by more effectively managing computing resources. Altair’s PBS Pro software offers workload management and desktop cycle harvesting for grid and high performance computing environments, including Linux clusters. This robust and feature-rich solution is also highly cost effective. Our Altair e-Compute portal technology simplifies the submission and monitoring of numerically intensive jobs across distributed computing resources via a web browser interface.
Products: PBS Pro workload management software, e-Compute portal

AOES Group (EU)
AOES Group is a consultancy that supplies expertise in the areas of engineering design and analysis, CAD/CAE, high performance computing, and 3D animation.
Products: AOES' HPC group offers cluster system design, installation, administration, and support, HPC applications integration, engineering work-flow automation, parallel visualisation systems, parallel systems programming, and grid computing infrastructure design.

APPRO is a leading developer of high-density, high-performance servers. APPRO enables a variety of network computing applications by developing powerful, scalable, and reliable enterprise server solutions for the high-performance computing and Internet infrastructure markets.
Products: Cluster solutions, servers, workstations, storage

Atipa Technologies
Atípa offers customers a single point of contact for delivering turnkey Linux-based solutions, including software, hardware, appliances, support and professional services. A privately-held company based in Lawrence, KS., Atípa has developed comprehensive Linux solutions for diverse enterprises, including numerous Fortune 500 companies and educational, government and research organizations. Atípa product lines include computational clusters for high performance computing, e-business clusters for high availability web applications needs, firewalls, Web servers, and other internet appliances.

Aspen Systems Inc.
Aspen Systems designs, manufactures & services a wide array of high-performance Linux computing products including Beowulf clusters and advanced systems. We've built our reputation as a world-leading provider of Beowulf clusters by offering custom software configurations and cluster management software, a choice of processors, and connectivity for your specific performance needs.

Blue Sail Software
Blue Sail Software is an innovative technical software development company that specializes in high performance C/C++ source code through optimization. Our areas of expertise are a perfect addition to software development teams that stress functionality ahead of performance.
Products: SCTL - Scientific Computing Template Library (provides auto-vectoring and tuned SIMD assembly programming optimizations through easy-to-use C++ API), source code porting/optimization services.

Cepoint Networks, LLC
Cepoint Networks is an OEM integrator of high availability Enterprise Linux cluster servers and RAID storage array subsytems for mission-critical computing applications. Cepoint's RAID subsystems are transparent to most OS and Its Prices are the Best in the industry.
Products: Fault tolerant servers, Cluster servers,Opteron server, Itanium servers, 1U node, 2U RAID,3U RAID server, SAN, NAS,Mobile workstation, Portable Linux lunch box, Portable Non Linear Video editor, embedded PC/104, ruggedized linux computers, Enterprise servers

Cluster Resources
Cluster Resources, Inc. creates cluster, grid and utility-based computing management software. Our software increases cluster utilization to 90%-99%, while simplifying cluster use and decreasing end-user and administration time. With over a decade of clustering software experience, Cluster Resources, Inc. is the company that develops software solutions for customers to maximize their return on hardware investments.
Products: Cluster Resources, Inc.'s line of products includes management software suites for clusters and grids, such as: Moab Workload Manager—An advanced cluster workload and resource policy engine and scheduler, Moab Cluster Manager and Monitor—An administrator graphical interface that manages a cluster's workload, policies and scheduling, and creates graphs, charts and reports of the data, Moab Access Portal—An end-user Web-based interface that allows job submission, management and tracking, and Moab Grid Scheduler—A job scheduler that manages workloads, enabling them to run across independent clusters.

ClusterVision (Neth/UK)
ClusterVision are specialists in the design, implementation and support of large-scale computer clusters. ClusterVision's clustering technology provides an alternative to traditional supercomputing by using a method of connecting multiple computers to form a unified and powerful computing system. By using high-quality commodity computer components and proven open source software technology, our clusters can match the performance and stability of traditional supercomputers for a fraction of the cost. Every ClusterVision cluster is delivered as a fully functional turnkey system with all hardware and software integrated and configured for immediate deployment. Each of our clusters are designed to meet customer's specific computational requirements at maximum performance, maximum reliability, and minimum cost.
Products: Compute clusters, high availability clusters, storage (>3TB), database clusters (Oracle 10g), fast networking (Myrinet, Quadrics, SCI & Infiniband), servers (AMD/Intel)

Compusys Plc. (UK)
Compusys HPC is the High Performance Computing Division of Compusys PLC. We are experts in the provision of High Performance Computing solutions to a myriad of market sectors. Organizations are able to take advantage of the stunning price performance advantage afforded by our expert use of commodity computing hardware. Our solutions team will advise you of all issues pertaining to clustering, Grid solutions and even the use of HPC solutions and Open Source within your existing computing infrastructure.
Products: Oracle RAC Servers/clusters, commodity compute clusters, cluster operating environment, interconnect technologies, compliers, performance libraries and tools. Services include: Project management, hosted cluster service, remote managed services, software configuration management, full suite of Linux training courses, courses on MPI programming, consultancy packages.

Concentric Systems, Inc.
CSILabs is a division of Concentric Systems, Inc. (CSI)located in Alpharetta, GA. CSILabs designs, manufactures, and installs supercomputers and storage solutions for the Scientific Research and Academic HPC markets. CSILabs takes advantage of its 11 years of computer manufacturing experience and 65,000sqft ISO9001:2000 certified facility in delivering the best HPC solutions in the industry. CSI is the largest system builder in the Southeast and one of the largest system builders in the nation. Come and see what customer service and product quality should be in our industry. We take care of those who take care of us.
Products: supercomputers, linux clusters, windows clusters, storage servers, industry development partner

Craig's Planet Ltd
Craig's Planet Ltd - suppliers of commodity level 2nd generation beowulf clusters for hight throughput computing and large-scale storage.
Products: beowulf clusters, storage arrays, high performance computer systems

Critical Software SA
Critical commitment is to deliver reliable, secure, and quality products and services to its customers in a timely manner. To accomplish this task Critical counts with a team of excellence on information technology dependability.
Products: PaTENT MPI, WMPI 1.5, WMPI II, now released is the most complete MPI-2 implementation available worldwide for Windows clusters. WMPI II supports the MPI-2 standard.

Engineered Intelligence
Engineered Intelligence's software is designed for scientists and engineers who want to simplify the modeling and simulation of a large number of interdependent elements, their dynamics and interaction. Numeric simulations range from molecular dynamics, biomedical image processing, and fluid dynamics to car crash and particle simulations. EI offers a high-performance cluster computing software platform that provides an innovative and cost-effective way to prototype, develop and execute parallel applications with supercomputing power. EI's software unleashes the true power and capabilities of high-performance clusters.

Evidian (France)
Evidian is a leading ISV in secure e-business and telecom management software. More than 600 corporations, including hundreds of Fortune 500 companies, rely on Evidian to securely develop their telecom and e-business. SafeKit is a software solution that allows to easily build clusters of standard servers. It supports Windows 2000, Linux, Solaris, HP/UX and AIX. The main features are: Protect against software and human errors with automated failover - Automate application load balancing - Implement file replication - Build clusters without modifying your applications - Use standard servers rather than costly special hardware.

Googgun Technologies, Inc.
At GTI, we strive to lead in the research, creation and development of the industry's cutting edge security information technologies including security appliance, security products and operating systems.
Praetor™ Advanced Security System, SnapLinux™ Advanced Server Operating Env.

Gridcore AB (Sweden)
Gridcore is a Swedish company concetrating on Linuxsolutions for technical and scientific computing. We combine Linuxengineers with scientists wich makes a strong player in the area of clustersolutions.

Hewlett-Packard - Clustering, HA and High Performance Computing
LinuxHPTC @ HP
Scalable Cluster Center
LC Series Clusters
HPTC Linux Cluster Software
Linux ClusterBlocks

Hue High Performance Visualization Software
Hue is the developer of HueSpace, the world's only commercially available HPC volume rendering solution for common off the shelf PC clusters. What makes HueSpace the preferred choice by Schlumberger Information Solutions and other clients is the unique software based approach to visualization. Follow to link to learn more about the software development kit, features and see HPC visualization in action.

IBM - Linux Clusters
xSeries Clusters
Cluster 1350
ECT for Linux

IO Dynamix, Inc.
Our firm is a storage integrator representing a storage manufacturer. We specialize in HA computing storage solutions, in particular, a 200T. solution that is turnkey and ships in rack mountable format.
Products: Rackmount Storage

Industrial Rackmount Chassis Online
RackmountNet is an one-stop shop for rackmount Linux system. We provide wide variety products to meet your requirement of customized Linux system.
Products: Rackmount Chassis, Server Racks and Cabinets, Rackmount LCD and KVM switches, Rackmount Keyboard Drawer, Rackmount Server, Rackmount Barebones Server, Disk Array, IPC, Backplane, Single Board Computer, Chassis Accessories, Riser Card, Power Supply and RAID Systems

I-Tech Company Rackmount Systems
Distributor and online Reseller: Rackmount LCD Monitor KVM console, Rack mount keyboards with KVM switches and Rack mount KVM switches

LinuxHouse Sdn Bhd (Malaysia)
LinuxHouse, a company incorporated in Malaysia, aims to share with the public and private sector how Linux can help them leverage and utilise the power of information technology ( IT ).
Products: Linux Clusters, Email Servers, RAID file Servers, Internet/Intranet Servers, LDAP Servers, Fax Servers, Linux Intrusion Detection Systems

Linux Labs
A cluster boutique far from the ordinary cluster integrators.
Products: NIMBUS a Bproc(SSI) cluster OS with features such as job checkpointing, Ganglia Cluster Toolkit, and the Maui Scheduler.

Linux Networx
Linux NetworX Inc., (LNXI) brings its powerful cluster technology to those demanding high availability and high performance systems. With the use of cluster computer technology, a method of linking multiple computers through high-speed networks to form a single and more powerful system, Linux NetworX provides solutions for companies with high-computing needs, including ISPs, ASPs, research, industry, government and other technological fields. To date, the company has built some of the largest cluster systems in the world and has developed unique hardware and versatile software to facilitate overall system management.
Products: Evolocity™ Systems, ICE Box™ Cluster Appliance, ClusterWorX®,

Major Linux Computing (US/Asia/Europe)
We are a team of professionals dedicated to cluster computing since 1998. With our experience in running Linux clusters, our aim is to make Linux clusters easy to use for industry & institutions. Our ClusterBlade Platform is optimised for cluster computing with minimal space requirements, ease of installation/maintenance, and high redundancy and availability. We help users accelerate their experimentation, research, design, workflows, and time to market--regardless of the industry they are in.
Products: ClusterBlade Platform (4U chassis, 8 server blades, high performance dual XEON up to 3GHz+, GbE/FE switch, KVM switch).
Services: Consulting, Support Contract, Cluster Application Development

Microway is well known for delivering state-of-the-art HPC solutions to researchers and computer scientists in universities, government and financial institutions since 1982. Our customized Linux clusters are based on Intel, AMD and Alpha processors with Myrinet, GigE and InfiniBand connectivity. GSA contract number is GS-35F-0431N. Our Chairperson is a member of the Intel Premier Provider Board of Advisors.
Products: custom designed clusters and workstations, dual Intel Xeon and Itanium2, AMD dual and quad Opterons, and dual Alphas, Myrinet, GSA Schedule. NodeWatch(TM) and MCMS(TM) remote cluster monitoring and management tools.

Micro Pc/Galfer (Italy)
Galfer is a trademark of Micro PC, Italian company established in Rome (Italy) since 1995 to produce personalized high quality PC and Servers. Galfer is also becoming a specialised company focused on Linux cluster solutions. The main goal of the new company is selling (from november 2003) an online service: Linux cluster on demand. The cluster will be based on AMD processors, Gigabit interconnected, with special hardware and software architecture (routing) to increase the compute performance. Nergal (www.nergal.it) is the partner chosen to develop sophisticated solutions in High Tech Computing.
Linux Clusters, Workstations, Clusters on Demand

MOSIX is a software for supporting scalable cluster computing. There are two versions: a kernel patch (K-MOSIX) that can be applied to specific Linux kernels, and a user-level package (U-MOSIX) that can be used with different Unix platforms. Both versions are based on the same principles, and are geared to achieve even work distribution and load balancing.

Mountain View Data
Powercockpit provides Linux system management software for deployment of O/S and application images...what used to take days and weeks now takes only minutes. A unique deployment feature is the ability to keep custom images in a repository for future usage also useful in a disaster recovery mode. In addition, Powercockpit's provisioning features allow you to re-purpose servers on the fly instantly.

MPI Software Technology
MPI Software Technology, Inc. is the leading provider of high-performance middleware products and related services. Headquartered in Starkville, Mississippi, with offices in New England, Europe, and India, MPI Software Technology, Inc. specializes in commercial grade solutions for enterprise parallel computing.

Myrinet is a cost-effective, high-performance, packet-communication and switching technology that is widely used to interconnect clusters of workstations, PCs, servers, or single-board computers. Clusters provide an economical way of achieving high performance and high availability
Products: MPICH-GM

NAG - Numerical Algorithms Group
Whether you are a software developer, financial or business analyst, software product manager, engineer, or researcher, you have come to the right place. NAG makes the math and statistical software components to help you add analytical features to your applications while saving time, cost, and future maintenance headaches. We also have software tools to accelerate your development and provide 3D visualizations of complex data. If you are developing in C, C++, Fortran, VB, Java or if you need powerful routines from within MATLAB or Excel, take a closer look at NAG. And if it isn’t here, call us. We can build it for you.
Products: Numerical/Statistical Software, Compilers and Tools, Visualisation and Graphics, Numerical Simulation

NiX Digital Solution Limited (China)
NIX Digital Solution Limited is dedicated to providing Commodity Supercomputing - the method of constructing high-performance supercomputers from off-the-shelf-hardware and software cost-effectively. We specialize in a wide array of custom UNIX and Linux computing solutions for vertical and consumer markets.
Products/Services: We provide a complete solution within a cabinet, up to 42 nodes of 1U dual CPU utilizing the latest in processor, memory, and networking technology. We are the distributor of Corsair memory, Myrinet interconnects, Tyan motherboards, etc.

Open Clustering
Open Clustering is a division of Psi-Domain - initiated to provide high-performance computing (HPC), high-availability computing (HAC) and custom solutions based on a synergy of rock-solid hardware and leading software technologies to fully encompass client requirements.

Paralogic is a leading supplier of optimized turn-key commodity parallel computing solutions. We design, build, and support high performance Linux based Beowulf clusters. Our customer list includes many leading industry, academic, and government sites worldwide.

Penguin Computing Inc.
By using state-of-the-art technology, Penguin Computing provides customers with servers, workstations and fully-customized solutions from high performance computing clusters to hosted mail, web or VPN servers to meet their infrastructure needs. Our five-tiered approach to the creation of each customized solution will vary depending upon the customer's needs. Penguin Computing and its subsidary Scyld software provide second generation beowulf clusters to academic, research, technical commercial, and commerical customers.
Products: Scyld Beowulf Cluster Operating Systems, AMD Opteron Servers, AMD Opteron Workstations, Intel Xeon Servers, Intel Xeon Workstations, Intel Pentium Servers, Intel Pentium Workstations, Infiniband

Petal Computing
Petal Computing provides ClusterSuite, a software suite that allows a group of PCs to act like an enterprise server. Petal Computing is focused on the industries that use cluster/Grid computing for High Performance Computing problems, with a particular speciality in finance.
Products: ClusterSuite is a tightly integrated system for running and managing a cluster of PCs. It consists of an auction-based workload system, a management tools system and a monitoring and reporting system all within a single interface. APIs, auto-redundancy, ordered workflow and web services integration are all included.

Platform Computing provides the Distributed Computing software for business critical processes throughout an organization, offering solutions for workload management, resource management and performance management.
Products: Platform LSF, Platform LSF ActiveCluster

Pogo Linux
Founded in 1999 and headquartered in Redmond, Washington, Pogo Linux Inc. is a hardware vendor of servers, workstations, and storage systems. With a Linux focus and in-house technical expertise, Pogo Linux is dedicated to delivering powerful, and reliable Linux-based servers, workstations, and storage solutions for exceptional value. Our systems highlight hardware from the industry's top leaders, the cost-effective benefits of IDE RAID, Serial ATA, and dual-boot workstations with Windows and Linux.
Products: Linux Servers, workstations, network storage, HPC Clusters, Turnkey OEM Systems

PSSC Labs will provide you with a turn-key beowulf supercomputer or workstation to meet your specification and budget. PSSC Labs custom configures each machine to your specifications. Choose from over thousands of configuration options.
Products: Turn Key Beowulf Supercomputers, Workstations

Quadrics is a leading supplier and developer of performance clustering technology. With extremely high bandwidth and ultra-low latency QsNet, Quadrics interconnect, is a crucial component for building scalable systems. Combining the performance of QsNet with a software environment to ensure that clusters spanning thousands of processors can be used, administered and run effectively.
The Quadrics’ QsNetII PCI-X 64-bit host adaptor operates at the full 133 MHz specification and provides over 850 Mbytes/s sustained MPI bandwidth and close to 1.8 us MPI latency. Multiple adaptors can be used to provide more MPI bandwidth and/or high availability when required. QsNet has been selected by the world's leading vendors and integrators as well as major Supercomputing Centers and in 2004 Quadrics will announce a series of highly competitive switch configurations making QsNetII more cost-effective for medium sized cluster.

Quant-X-EDV Service & Consulting GmbH (Austria)
Quant-X HPC specialise in almost all area's of high performance computing. We cover 6 main product areas that are categorised by:- computational clusters, cluster software environment, scalable database clusters, storage products, high performance inter-connects, and high availability solutions.
Products: Oracle RAC Servers/clusters, commodity compute clusters, cluster operating environment, interconnect technologies, compliers, performance libraries and tools

We provide a quality selection of Rackmount Chassis, Server Rack & Server Cabinet, Rackmount LCD and KVM, Keyboard Drawer, Disk Array, Backplane, Single Board Computer, Chassis Accessories, Power Supply , RAID System, Wall Mount and Barebone Server. We strive to make your sourcing easier.

RLX Technologies
Pioneers, risk-takers, mavericks-call us what you will. Fact is, in May 2001 RLX Technologies beat everyone to the punch by bringing the first ultra-dense bladed server solution to market. By creating both ServerBlades and the software required to manage them, RLX has become the leader in the emerging "blade" computing market.

ROCKETCALC provides affordable and powerful personal clusters and easy-to-use cluster monitoring and management tools.
Products: Intel Xeon-based clusters, AMD Opteron-based clusters, Houston cluster management software, Motor GNU/Linux OS.

Scalable Informatics LLC
We are focused upon helping our customers design, build, integrate, and use their scalable computing resources for bioinformatics inquiry and research, engineering design and simulation, and high performance scientific computing. We develop and market scalable computing tools to enable high speed data motion, seamless application execution on clusters and grids, and support our customers computing needs.

Scali is a leading provider of clustering software solutions for the high-performance computing marketplace. Scali has gained a leadership position by providing a single enterprise solution that integrates both cluster management and MPI communication, with an ability to support multiple interconnects and platforms. By reducing complexity and inefficiency, Scali makes clustering a viable choice in the demanding enterprise markets.
Products: Scali Manage, Scali MPI Connect

Scyld Computing Corporation
Scyld Computing Corporation develops and supports high performance computing solutions based on Open Source systems such as Linux Beowulf clusters.
Products: Scyld Beowulf Professional Edition, Scyld Beowulf Basic Edition

ShaoLin Microsystems Ltd.
ShaoLin Microsystems Limited is one of the world's leaders in the creation and development of Linux-based system software and solutions. ShaoLin Microsystems provides end-to-end Linux solutions to different size of enterprises and organizations around the world. Based on our cutting-edge kernel and file system technologies, ShaoLin Microsystems' products allow customers full command over the open-source Linux operating system. ShaoLin focuses on software products development, which includes clustering solutions, storage software and network management solutions. ShaoLin is recognized as one of the rapid growing Asian software companies with industry-leading products.
Products: ShaoLin HA Cluster, ShaoLin Aptus 2.0 Small Business and Professional editions,

Sistina develops software that uniquely enables organizations to build and economically manage low-cost, sharable clustered storage systems. For organizations requiring the capacity to store, manage and access increasing quantities of data, Sistina provides an affordable alternative. Sistina's solution is based on advanced and award-winning cluster file technology that includes Sistina's Global File SystemT (GFS) and Logical Volume Manager (LVM). Sistina's technology is ideally suited for environments such as parallel database serving, high performance computing, embedded NAS storage, and edge serving. Founded in 1997, Sistina is headquartered in Minneapolis, MN. Products: Sistina's Global File System, LVM - Linux Logical Volume Manager

Smart Modular Technologies, Inc.
Smart Modular Technologies, Inc., designs, manufactures and supports high density memory subsystems for the HPC SI and OEM markets. Specializing in low latency memory modules for high availability and high performance systems, Smart is a leader in designing high density products to meet the challenges of today's faster memory technologies such as DDR333 and DDR400. Since 1984 Smart has been in the business of supplying industry leading OEMs such as Sun, HP, Compaq, IBM, Unisys, Cisco, Nortel and Unisys with both memory and communication products. For more information about our HPC product line please call the HPC Business Unit at 949-753-0116 ext. 129.
High density memory, communications and voltage regulator products for leading OEMs and SIs

Stalker Software Inc.
The leading high-end Internet Messaging platform, CommuniGate Pro has set a new industry standard in scalability and reliability. Effective design allows CommuniGate Pro to support more features, consume less resources, and require less maintenance than any other product on the market today. Serving more than 26 million active users, field-proven CommuniGate Pro servers provide E-mail connectivity for thousands of corporate offices, as well as for large ISPs and global telcos with millions of accounts.
CommuniGatePro Email Server

SteelEye Technology Inc.
SteelEye™ is the best-in-class software provider of affordable enterprise IT reliability solutions for business continuity and disaster recovery. We achieve this by providing integrated and easy to implement application availability and data replication solutions at a fraction of the cost and complexity of conventional and proprietary systems.
Products: LifeKeeper for Linux, Lowest Cost High Availability, Local Backup and Recovery

Streamline Computing (UK)
Streamline Computing is a clustering company with expertise in both software and hardware for the HPC industry. Streamline have successfully installed the largest clusters in the UK and also offer a full range of related consultancy services. Streamline are the developers of the Distributed Debugging Tool, DDT, which is a leading graphical parallel debugger for MPI codes.

SW Technology
We have been selling Linux based PCs ever since the dawn of Linux. ..... Our installation of Linux is optimized for the various configurations listed here, and of course fully supports the components in the systems. Each machine is individually installed and tested. This makes it possible for the buyer to specify partitions, network setting etc at the time a machine is ordered. The result is a solid, pleasant turnkey system that is as powerful or easy to use as the buyer wants it to be.

Sysix Technology
National systems integrator and reseller to education and commercial customers. Representing tier 1 brand products.
Products: Servers, workstations, storage, hosting, colocation, management, applications, operating systems, services, finance

TeamHPC, Inc.
A Team of professionals with years of experience in the high-performance computing industry. A Team that delivered one of the first commercial Beowulf clusters, and has continued to push the bleeding edge in Linux-based supercomputing. A Team that believes in and is committed to the betterment of Open Source software. A Team devoted to top-notch technical support. In short, TeamHPC is The Team that you can trust to deliver turnkey Linux-based solutions. All TeamHPC systems are built and tested in our ISO-9001-2000 Certified manufacturing facility.
Products: Servers, workstations, clusters, Myricom, Dolphin, Infiniband, Itanium, Opteron, 64 Bit Xeon

TeraPort (Spain)
TeraPort implements and supports Beowulf clusters for CPU intensive applications in the Automotive, Aerospace, Entertainment, Research and Telecom industries. We also make the cost-advantage of clusters available through our ASP portal framework for scientific computing.

Terra Soft Solutions
A unique Apple Authorized Proprietary Solutions Provider, Terra Soft maintains a singular license to install Linux on Apple Macintosh computers thereby offering turn-key and build-to-order PowerPC Linux solutions to home and enterprise end-users, systems administrators and code developers. Terra Soft is also enabled by Apple to provide education and government pricing to universities, university operated government institutions, and government facilities. Terra Soft's Black Lab(tm) cluster management suite and hardware solutions place Yellow Dog Linux in the world of high performance computing with scalable, reliable, PowerPC clusters.

Verari Systems
Verari SystemsT, is the leading provider of high-density blade server clusters, rack-optimized servers and high performance technical workstations, and software. Our mission is to provide the industry's fastest standards based computing solutions for technical and creative professionals with the lowest possible total cost of ownership in the densest form factor possible. Verari Systems is an integral part of the high performance computing needs for leading Fortune 500 corporations, top universities and research institutions around the world.
Products: Clusters, Blades, Servers, Workstations, Storage, Software

Viglen (UK)
Since 1975, we've been working hand-in-hand with the UK's leading companies and organisations, delivering leading-edge hardware systems and networks, exciting and innovative software combined with matchless levels of customer service and support. Our customer base has expanded to embrace private and public sector; SMEs, education, health, local government and voluntary organisations. A major solution supplier to the corporate, education and public sectors, Viglen supplies IT hardware, software and technical support to two thirds of Britain's universities, culminating in Viglen becoming the principal supplier in over half of these, including Oxford and Cambridge.
Products: Custom built servers from 1U sinlge Intel Pentium 4 CPU machines to 7U quad Intel Xeon systems, Enterprise storage devices including SAN & NAS

Whizlabs Software (India)
Whizlabs, a market leader in IT certification exam preparation, offers the RHCE (Red Hat Linux Certification Exam) Instructor-led, Online Training. Designed and delivered by highly experienced and certified trainer and backed up by "Unconditional Test PASS Guarantee", it ensures your success in the RHCE exam. Whizlabs ensures your success in Linux Certification (RHCE) exam with Whizlabs' instructor-led, online training. Designed and delivered by highly experienced and certified trainer and backed up by "Unconditional Test PASS Guarantee", it is a highly convenient and cost effective training. Avail group discounts also!!

Western Scientific, Inc.
Western Scientific is an industry leader in Computing Cluster density. Our SuperCluster contains 6 processors in a standard 1U enclosure, giving us the most GigaFlops per cubic foot in the industry. We manufacture complete turnkey Beowulf computing clusters, as well as offer data storage, servers, and networking solutions. Western Scientific offers industry standard components and significant cost savings compared to other vendor solutions.

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What did you pay per dual processor node - Including software, accessories and other costs? (Total Cost/Node Count) About:
Less than $1,500
$1,501 to $2,000
$2,001 to $2,500
$2,501 to $3,000
$3,001 to $3,500
More than $3,500

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