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Beowulf Cluster Computing with Linux

Linux Clustering: Building and Maintaining Linux Clusters

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Win a two node AMD Dual Opteron(TM) Linux Cluster!

Paracel, Inc., a leading provider of applied high-performance computing solutions, in association with LinuxHPC.org, is giving away an AMD Opteron(TM) cluster. The cluster will include two AMD Opteron(TM) based nodes, each with 2 GB memory and 60 GB hard drive, and SuSE Enterprise Edition 8 operating system. This cluster will be granted to an educational, government or commercial organization or research project in the United States.

Contest deadline January 15th, 2004.

* All fields are required.

* First Name:
* Last Name:
* Email:
* Telephone Number:
* Business/Organization Name:
* Type of Business/Organization?:
* Country:
* Research focus:
* Are you currently running a cluster?:
* Hardware Platform[s] of current cluster?
(answer "none" if not running a cluster):
* Vendor[s] for hardware of current cluster?
(answer "none" if not running a cluster):
* Are you looking to purchase a cluster within?:
*What software application[s] do you/would you run on a cluster?:
* If you are looking to purchase a cluster, how many CPUs are you interested in?:
* Briefly describe how this cluster may be utilized if you are the winner: (make your case for why the cluster should be given to you)

* By submitting this form you agree that Paracel may send you more information about Paracel Cyclone clusters. The winner also agrees to be used in appropriate marketing materials by Paracel, Inc. Again, this cluster will be granted to an educational, government or commercial organization or research project. Valid only in the US. Your information will not be used for any other purpose.

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Upcoming Workshops:
December 8-12 Experience the Performance of AMD Opteron Technology, Center for HPC/UNM, Albuquerque, New Mexico
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