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    PR: MTU Friedrichshafen GmbH Implements MSC.ADAMS To Improve Engine Development Process
    Posted by Kenneth Farmer (Wednesday August 06 2003 @ 02:51PM EDT) [ ]
    SANTA ANA, CA –August 6, 2003 - MSC.Software Corp. (NYSE: MNS), the leading global provider of virtual product development (VPD) tools including simulation software and services, today announced that MTU Friedrichshafen, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of large diesel engines and complete drive systems and a division of DaimlerChrysler AG, has invested in the MSC.ADAMS product line including ADAMS/Engine powered by FEV. A long time MSC.Software customer, MTU Friedrichshafen GmbH will be integrating MSC.ADAMS into their development process and using it in concert with other MSC.Software products like MSC.Nastran 2004 for integrated virtual engine development.

    “Today’s competitive market requires that manufacturers invest in VPD technologies which can help them better communicate product performance-related data inside and outside their organizations. MSC.Software provides customers with interoperable VPD software solutions to help them solve problems in virtually every engineering discipline and create product performance data without having to build physical prototypes,” said Frank Perna chairman and CEO of MSC.Software. “MSC.Software customers around the world are looking to expand their use of VPD tools, but only if they have the ability to link complementary technologies like MSC.ADAMS and MSC.Nastran 2004 and save time and money during product development. The work we are doing with MTU and other customers in the engine industry is an example of the ways in which VPD can help customers improve their processes, better communicate product data, and save time and money.

    “It was important for us to work with the market leader in engine simulation software who has the experience and know-how we can rely on,” said Dr. Ulrich Schmid, Structural Analysis & Vibration Department, MTU Friedrichshafen GmbH. “Having used MSC.Nastran and MSC.Patran for a long time, we know that MSC.Software products will always be up to the latest development standards. Our vision is the visualization and simulation of a complete digital engine and the whole development process from design to construction - and finally packaging.” He adds, “MSC.Software helps us to realize this vision by providing us with compatible software for different stages in the development process. By using MSC.ADAMS, we expect a better communication not only between our development teams, but also between us and our customers and our tier one suppliers, and therefore allow a streamlined development and simulation process.”

    MSC.ADAMS and MSC.Nastran 2004 together offer complementary solutions that can serve as the foundation for any manufacturer's Virtual Product Development (VPD) process. Every manufacturer worldwide is interested in reducing the risk and accelerating the innovation associated with the development of their products, and in driving collaboration throughout their enterprise to achieve these goals faster and more cost-efficiently. Virtual prototyping technologies provide cost- and time-savings by enabling manufacturers to build, test, review and improve their products on the computer prior to investing in physical production and testing.

    MSC.ADAMS provides system-level simulation of a mechanical product, essentially answering the question, "Will it work?”. MSC.Nastran 2004 takes the system loads from MSC.ADAMS and uses them to predict the deformation and stress for each component within the system, answering the question "Will it break?". MSC.Nastran 2004 and MSC.ADAMS together offer complete functional virtual prototyping capabilities that complement the assessment of a product's form and fit enabled by CAD and Digital Mock-Up (DMU) tools.

    About MTU - technology leader in engine systems

    MTU Friedrichshafen, a company of DaimlerChrysler AG, is the worldwide technology leader for large diesel engines for ships, railway, heavy vehicles and decentralized energy supply systems. The product portfolio including diesel engines ranging from 30 to 9000 kW, gas engines, gas turbines and fuel cells is the most modern and broadest in the industry. The company does not only deliver engine systems but complete drive systems with integral steering and control. MTU-engines are well known for their high performance, having at the same time a low weight and compact measuring. With worldwide more than 6000 employees MTU reaches a yearly revenue of € 1 Billion, which is mainly (by 80%) generated through export. For more information on MTU Friedrichshafen, please see http://www.mtu-online.com

    About MSC.Software Corporation

    MSC.Software (NYSE: MNS) is the leading global provider of simulation software and related services that helps companies make money, save time and reduce costs associated with designing and testing manufactured products. MSC.Software works with thousands of companies in hundreds of industries to develop better products faster by utilizing information technology, software, services and systems. MSC.Software employs more than 1400 people in 23 countries. For additional information about MSC.Software's products and services, please visit http://www.mscsoftware.com

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