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Latest News

Fixstars, Broadcast International launch H.264 Encoder for PS3
Posted by: Kai Staats on Wednesday July 01 2009 @ 10:23AM EDT views: 16152
The CodecSys CE-10 takes advantage of the readily available, inexpensive Sony PS3 for its processing engine, making it the most accessible, near real-time product in the HD encoding realm.

Yellow Dog Linux v6.2 launches with Xfce, USB install, EPEL, ... more!
Posted by: Kai Staats on Monday June 29 2009 @ 10:00AM EDT views: 16054
This release offers an updated kernel v2.6.29 for 64-bit systems, OpenOffice 3.0, Firefox 3.0.6 and IBM Cell SDK v3.1.0.1, as well as the next generation of ps3vram for fast, temporary file storage or swap using PS3 video RAM. With this release, ps3vram is up to 50% faster than in YDL 6.1 and is automatically enabled as swap.

High Performance Linpack on Xeon 5500 v. Opteron
Posted by: Shelly Kelley on Thursday June 18 2009 @ 03:07PM EDT views: 17225
Written by Shane Corder - Cluster Engineer Tuesday, 16 June 2009 16:23
This year has brought big advances to the CPU industry with the arrival of the Intel Xeon 5500 series "Nehalem" and the AMD Opteron 2400 series "Istanbul". While many different benchmarks have been published comparing

Appro Xtreme-X™ Supercomputer First to Offer Dual QDR InfiniBand on Board
Posted by: Maria McLaughlin on Monday June 15 2009 @ 09:06PM EDT views: 15456
Appro enables Intel® Cluster Ready Certified 40Gb/sec HPC Systems

PSSC Labs Plants Green Shoots in Europe
Posted by: Ken Farmer on Thursday June 04 2009 @ 07:18PM EDT views: 15354
Continuing their commitment to providing the highest quality of support possible, PSSC Labs recently opened a depot and support center in Western Europe. PSSC Labs decided to create a depot center in response to the growing number of PowerWulf Clusters installed across Europe. "Our failure rate is so low that we have been able to service all our end users from our California facility," begins Larry Lesser, PSSC Labs CEO. “The opening of a depot center overseas is a proactive step, not a reactive step, to ensuring maximum system uptime." Typical failure rates for PSSC Labs equipment is well under 1%. In addition there have been no reports of a DOA PowerWulf Cluster to date.

Appro Unleashes Its New Line of GPU Cluster Computing
Posted by: Ken Farmer on Saturday May 23 2009 @ 12:00AM EDT views: 15621
Appro announces the launch of the new Appro HyperPower Cluster Solution that combines a GPU 1U system based on NVIDIA Tesla with an Appro server based on Intel Xeon, formerly code named Nehalem.

Colfax International Unveils NVIDIA Tesla GPU Computing Clusters
Posted by: Manish Shah on Tuesday May 05 2009 @ 08:14AM EDT views: 15614
SUNNYVALE, Calif. – May 5, 2009 – Colfax International, a leading provider of fully-customizable, high-performance computing solutions, today announced immediate availability of four fully integrated Colfax CXT6000 series of NVIDIA Tesla GPU and Intel® Xeon® / AMD Opteron™ CPU based clusters that offer

PSSC Labs Nears 1000 Cluster Milestone
Posted by: Alex Lesser on Thursday April 30 2009 @ 11:48AM EDT views: 15596
Signaling widespread acceptance of cluster technology, PSSC Labs is quickly approaching a milestone delivery: the company’s 1000th PowerWulf Cluster shipment. “We are extremely proud of this achievement,” begins Larry Lesser -PSSC Labs President, “our PowerWulf Clusters can be found all over the world; involved in all aspects of critical research projects.”

NVIDIA Introduces Industry First Debugger and Profiler for GPU Computing
Posted by: Julie Morgan on Wednesday April 08 2009 @ 02:55PM EDT views: 1014
NVIDIA announced the CUDA 2.2 Beta, which supports C, OpenCL, DirectX Compute, Fortran and other languages and also offers a slew of new features.

Acumem Among Red Herring 100 Europe 2009
Posted by: Mats Hovmoller on Tuesday April 07 2009 @ 03:57AM EDT views: 1039
Red Herring today announced that ACUMEM AB was named a WINNER of the Red Herring 100 Europe, an award given to the top 100 private technology companies based in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) region each year.

Appro Unveils HyperGreen™ Cluster to boost Power Efficiency and Performance in a Datacenter
Posted by: Maria McLaughlin on Wednesday April 01 2009 @ 12:34PM EDT views: 1185
Appro Unveils High-Density HyperGreen™ Cluster Solution to boost Power Efficiency and Performance in the Datacenter Appro supports the new Intel® Xeon® processor 5500 series across all product lines

Terascala and Appro Maximize HPC Solutions
Posted by: Maria McLaughlin on Wednesday April 01 2009 @ 12:31PM EDT views: 1080
Joint solutions with Appro’s Scalable Cluster Architectures and Terascala’s high throughput storage appliances.

Scalable Informatics Offers Cell + GPU Hybrids
Posted by: Kai Staats on Wednesday March 25 2009 @ 11:10AM EDT views: 1351
Scalable Informatics, provider of custom HPC systems, solutions, and services has partnered with Fixstars Solutions for the inclusion of the Fixstars GA-180 (IBM PXCAB) with the Pegasus-GPU NVIDIA Tesla™-powered high performance workstations.

Penguin Computing Offers Optimized NVIDIA Tesla GPU Computing Clusters
Posted by: Martha Jager on Thursday March 12 2009 @ 01:00PM EDT views: 1412
New GPU-based clusters make it easy for engineering, scientific or research workgroups to adopt GPU Computing technology

NVIDIA Looking for the Next Great GPU Computing Company
Posted by: Julie Morgan on Tuesday March 10 2009 @ 11:23AM EDT views: 810
NVIDIA launched the GPU Ventures Program, a global initiative whose aim is to identify, support and invest in early stage companies leveraging the GPU for visual and other computing applications. Also announced is the launch of the program's corresponding GPU Venture Zone website which is a portal designed to showcasing the innovative GPU applications being developed.

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