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    Appro Rocks at LinuxWorld show from Quad Processor Servers to New Rack Cooling Option
    Posted by Kenneth Farmer (Tuesday August 03 2004 @ 06:54AM EDT) [ ]
    Appro sponsors the POVCOMP 2004 3D Graphics Contest

    SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., August 3, 2004 - Appro (http://www.appro.com), a leading provider of high-performance and enterprise computing systems will be demonstrating its Dual and Quad HyperBlade cluster solutions with brand new rack rear door exhaust cooling option. Also, Appro will showcase Dual and Quad AMD Opteron based servers and announce a line of servers that will support the upcoming Intel Xeon and Pentium4 processors including Intel® Extended 64-bit Technology at LinuxWorld booth # 461, San Francisco, CA August 3 - 5, 2004. In addition, Appro is sponsoring the POVCOMP 2004 3D Graphics Contest that will be announced on the first day of the show.

    Appro Blade Clusters Appro HyperBlade showcases its flexible, modular and scalable design. Its cluster solution offers up to 80-nodes in a custom rack, 50-nodes in a standard rack and 17- nodes in a self-contained rack. It supports Dual or Quad processors with great performance, reliability and outstanding mechanical and thermal design. The clusters will be running on the Linux operating system and featuring the Appro BladeDome cluster management software.

    Rear Door Rack Exhaust Cooling Option Appro is raising the bar on server rack cooling technologies by introducing the new Rear Door Rack Exhaust Cooling option. Rather than exhaust all hot air to the back of the rack, the new exhaust cooling rack door forces the hot air through the rear rack door and out of the top of the rack. The new rear door features: 6 blowers with intelligent fan control, safety shut down when the doors open, alarm for fan fail and redundant control system.

    Dual and Quad AMD Opteron based servers Appro dual/quad servers are ideal for a variety of technical applications requiring the highest processor and memory bandwidth performance. Appro's cutting-edge quad servers based on Quad AMD Opteron processors double the density of dual processor servers providing great performance optimization, dependable power and thermal reliability.

    Upcoming Intel Xeon and Pentium4 servers Appro will release a line of Intel High Performance servers that support Intel Xeon and Pentium4 processors including Intel EM64T later in August 2004 shortly after the processors are available from Intel.

    POVCOMP 2004 3D Graphics Contest

    Appro is sponsoring the POVCOMP 2004 3D Graphics Contest to be announced at Linux World AMD booth 647. The first place winner will receive a new Appro Scorpion WH300 Dual Processor workstation with two AMD Opteron 250 processors, one 19" and one 17" LCD monitor, a NVIDIA Quadro FX 3000 video card, eight GB of ECC DDR RAM and one terabyte of storage loaded with RedHat Enterprise Linux. For full contest details, check out www.povcomp.com

    About Appro

    Appro's headquarters is in Milpitas, CA. Appro has an R&D and manufacturing center in Asia and a sales and service office in Houston, Texas. APPRO enables a variety of network computing applications by developing powerful, scalable, and reliable clusters, servers, storage subsystems and high-end workstations for the high-performance computing (HPC), Internet computing and cluster market.


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