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    Latest News

    Geant4 5.2 released
    Friday June 27 2003 @ 10:52AM EDT

    The new public release Geant4 5.2 is now available.

    For details of this release, please see the attached release notes.

    The new source and data files are available from the GEANT4 website http://cern.ch/geant4 following the link to source. User's Guides and manuals have been updated accordingly. Binaries for the supported platforms are also available from the download area.



    Geant4 5.2 Release Notes

    27 June 2003

    The code and some binary libraries are available through our "Source Code" Web page (http://cern.ch/geant4).

    Please refer to the Geant4 User Documentation (http://cern.ch/geant4/G4UsersDocuments/Overview/html) for further information about using Geant4.

    Contents --------

    1. Supported and Tested Platforms 2. AIDA and CLHEP 3. The Standard Template Library (STL) 4. Compiler Specific Problems 5. Known Run-Time Problems 6. Compilation Warnings 7. Known Run-Time Warnings 8. Features at Run-Time 9. Items for migration of user code

    1. Supported and Tested Platforms ---------------------------------

    o SUN Solaris 5.8, C++ 5.4 Patch 111715-02. o Linux, gcc 2.95.2, gcc 3.2. This configuration was tested with the RedHat 7.3 distribution, versions of Geant4 have also been compiled successfully on other Linux distributions, like Debian or Suse. The default RedHat compiler gcc-2.96 distributed in RedHat 7.X is NOT supported. It has been verified that it produces incorrect binaries, therefore is not reliable. See also note below. o Windows-2000/XP and CygWin Tools with: Visual C++ 6.0 Service Pack 5

    Platforms configured but not tested and not supported: o DEC V4.0, cxx C++ V6.1-027 o HP 10.20, aCC C++ B3910B A.01.23 o SGI V6.5.5, CC 7.2.1 o AIX 4.3.2, xlC 6.0 o MacOS 10.2, gcc 2.95.2 / gcc-3.2 o Windows/XP with CygWin Tools, .NET Visual Studio C++ 7

    2. AIDA and CLHEP -----------------

    Geant4 5.2 requires the installation of CLHEP (http://cern.ch/clhep/INSTALLATION/clhep.html). Tests have been performed with CLHEP

    Geant4 5.2 examples with histogramming cowork with AIDA 3.0 implementations. These include: - ANAPHE and components included therein (see: ANAPHE - http://cern.ch/anaphe) - JAS (Java Analysis Studio) (see: JAS - http://jas.freehep.org) - Open Scientist (see: Open Scientist - http://www.lal.in2p3.fr/OpenScientist)

    AIDA headers can be downloaded from: http://aida.freehep.org

    3. The Standard Template Library --------------------------------

    Native versions of STL have been tested on the following platforms:

    Windows/2000, Linux, and SUN.


    - Platform specific setup: o SUN: Native STL is required for ISO/ANSI setup. o Linux: Native STL is required (non ISO/ANSI setup for egcs compiler only). o Windows: Native STL and ISO/ANSI setup required.

    4. Compiler Specific Problems -----------------------------

    o Linux Red Hat 7.X, gcc-2.96.

    - The default compiler distributed by Red Hat since release 7.0 is NOT supported and not considered reliable for running a Geant4-based application. In more than one test case, binaries produced by gcc-2.96 have shown incorrect behavior, either due to wrong order of initialisation of static data in memory or to bugs in the system iostream classes, problems which apparently have all been solved in more recent versions of the compiler (3.X series). For information, gcc-2.96 is a compiler that has never been officially released, nor supported by the GNU team itself and is not considered reliable by the authors (for more information, see also http://gcc.gnu.org/gcc-2.96.html).

    5. Known Run-Time Problems and Limitations ------------------------------------------

    For a complete list of outstanding run-time problems and to submit any problem you may find running this version of Geant4, please refer to the Geant4 Problem Reporting System, available on the Web at this address:


    6. Compilation Warnings -----------------------

    There are compilation warnings on some platforms. We do not believe that any will lead to incorrect run-time behaviour, but we are working on reducing them.

    7. Known Run-Time Warnings --------------------------

    The following messages can be written to error output while tracking. We believe none give rise to incorrect behaviour.

    o G4PropagateInField: Warning: Particle is looping - tracking in field will be stopped. It has performed 1000 steps in Field while a maximum of 1000 are allowed.

    8. Features at Run-Time -----------------------

    o In the propagation in field, the default value of "maximum step count" has been changed from 10000 to 1000. This will cause more particles to be recognised to loop earlier (see section 7 of these notes) as this parameter controls this behavior too.

    9. Items for migration of user code -----------------------------------

    o With this release, usage of the obsolete 'g4std' wrappers has been removed from the code and wrappers themselves are now hard-coded to STL headers. User code making use of these wrappers will still compile and run as normal, however, we encourage to migrate the user code at the earliest convenience. From the -next- public release (and development/beta releases), wrappers and definition of 'G4std' will be removed, therefore making the migration of the user code mandatory: - Any reference to G4std:: will have to be changed to std:: - Any #include statement of the kind #include "g4std/XXX" will have to migrate to standard C++ calls of the kind #include o The new data sets for low-energy EM processes G4EMLOW2.2 is required for applications making use of such processes.


    List of changes and fixes -------------------------

    These are the main new features/fixes included in this release since the last patched public release (for the detailed list of fixes/additions, please refer to the related History files):

    o Configuration ------------- - Made build of STEP and STEPinterface modules optional. Added flags G4LIB_BUILD_STEP/G4USE_STEP. By default the libraries will not be built. - Removed G4_HAVE_BOOL macro. Now using default 'bool' type, defined in all supported compilers. - Removed flag G4USE_STD_NAMESPACE from specific setups in sys. Follows migration from G4std and STL header wrappers apported in the whole code. - Removed obsolete usage of GNU_GCC specific option for g++ compilers. - Modified mechanism for building shared libraries to include symbols from external libs like OpenGL, ... so libraries will be self-contained concerning their dependencies. - Added UI32LIBS to interactivity.gmk to handle UI libraries on WIN32 platforms and added libraries for OpenGL and UI to default setup of WIN32-VC and WIN32-VC7. Removed some obsolete compilation options. - Added more strict compiler options for warnings on Linux-g++ platform. - Added missing module Bertini-Cascade to list of libraries for compound build.

    o Digitization & Hits: ------------------- - Fixed compilation warnings on Linux-g++ for higher-lever diagnostics.

    o Electromagnetic Processes (Low-energy): -------------------------------------- - Requires a new version of the data-set: G4EMLOW2.2. - Improved design to allow for multiple models of Bremsstrahlung angular distribution; currently the model for modified Tsai is provided. - G4PenelopeCompton triggers atomic relaxation. - Removed two memory leaks in Penelope processes and design flaw in private interface of G4eBremsstrahlungSpectrum. - Fixed argument to pow() in G4LinLogLogInterpolation.cc and G4LogLogInterpolation.cc to allow for porting on .NET 7.1 compiler. - Fixed compilation warnings on Linux-g++ for higher-lever diagnostics.

    o Electromagnetic Processes (Standard): ------------------------------------ - Fixed compilation warnings on Linux-g++ for higher-lever diagnostics. - Short-lived particles no longer applicable for G4hIonisation and G4MultipleScattering. - STD prototype processes: + Updated initialisation for STD processes: integral Bohr fluctuations. + Bug fix in cross section at high energies in G4MuPairProductionSTD. + Removed and replaced obsolete multiple-scattering classes with "model" variant. + Fix in SupressionFunction of bremsstrahlung. + Fix in dedx for e- ionisation for E<1keV. + Removed tracking cut. + Establish limits on eloss for Bohr and Ion fluctuations. + Added precise range calculation. + Default step parameters are now set to be as for standard processes. - Multiple Scattering: + IMPORTANT change in the angle distribution for muons/hadrons the width of the central part now is corresponds to the value can be computed from the HighLand formula (no change of this kind for e+/e-) --> small change in the width for low to medium energy (protons - 1 MeV - few hundred MeV) but change up to 20 -25 % for high energy. + minor correction in the angle sampling algorithm, affects e+/e- too --> small change for very small and very big stepsize/range values. + Fixed misprint at Tev energies. + Fix minor problem in nuclear form-factor calculations. - G4VXTRenergyLoss: modifications in BuildPhysicsTable. Angle range 0-0.3, Legendre96 integration in 0-0.3-0.6-1.0*fMaxThetaTR. - Set default number 120 bins for dedx table in G4eIonisation. - Updated PAI model: included high energy transfers. - Trivial fixes in G4PAIxSection on arguments to pow() for porting on .NET 7.1 compiler.

    o General Processes, Parameterisation, Decay, Optical: --------------------------------------------------- - Fixed compilation warnings on Linux-g++ for higher-lever diagnostics.

    o Geometry: -------- - management: o G4LogicalVolume: + added method ClearDaughters() to be used for resetting the list of daughters to a logical volume in the use-case when only the physical volume store is cleared at run-time. + notify removal of root-logical-volume from G4Region in case of deletion of a logical-volume from the destructor, instead that from DeRegister() method. o GVPhysicalVolume: + Added pointer to mother logical volume (will replace in future releases the pointer to mother physical volume) and related accessors. + Standardised registration mechanism as daughter for constructor using the pointer to the mother's PV. o G4PVPlacement/Replica/Parameterised: + Standardised registration mechanism as daughter for constructor using the pointer to the mother's PV. o G4Region: + Removed redundant calls to ScanVolumeTree() and UpdateMaterials() from RemoveRootLogicalVolume() method. o G4LogicalVolumeStore: + removed redundant check and call to RemoveRootLogicalVolume() from Clean() method. o G4PhysicalVolumeStore: + Added notification mechanism to logical volumes in the Clean() method to update the list of daughters. + Update mother's LV list of daughters when deregistering a volume. - solids o Made compilation of STEP and STEPinterface modules optional controlled by variable G4LIB_BUILD_STEP/G4USE_STEP. By default modules are not built. o G4ReflectionFactory: + Made public accessors: GetConstituentLV(), GetReflectedLV(), IsConstituent() and IsReflected(). + Added accessor GetReflectedVolumesMap() to access list of reflected volumes. + Added methods Set/GetScalePrecision(). o G4BREPSolidPCone: + Commented out verbose-mode in SurfaceNormal(). Temporary solution to problem reports #425, #431 and #474. - verification o G4GeomTestVolume: + Added methods TestRecursiveLine() and TestRecursiveCylinder() for allowing recursion on line_test and cylinder_test respectively. + Introduced ability to control depth and starting level of recursion. - volumes o G4GeometryMessenger: + Added new commands for controlling geometry overlaps: added recursion to line_test and cylinder_test; added possibility to customise the resolution and shape of grid/cylinder for the test; added ability to select depth of recursion in the geometry tree. + Added explicit call to OpenGeometry() in method CheckGeometry() to force cleanup of voxelisation when command navigator/reset is called. o G4PropagatorInField: + Implemented use of safety to reduce calls to navigator. + Changed the default value of "maximum step count" from 10000 to 1000. This will cause more particles to be recognised to loop earlier as this parameter controls this behavior too. + Added new method FindAndSetFieldManager() to find the current field manager and set it for the Propagator. The class currently ensures that this method is always called once for each call to ComputeStep(). + Added new method SetDetectorFieldManager(), so as to have it updated when the global field manager is changed. o G4TransportationManager: + corrected the method SetFieldManager(). It now messages the current global PropagatorInField to notify it. - Fixed compilation warnings on Linux-g++ for higher-lever diagnostics.

    o Global: ------ - Define g4std wrappers and G4std to original STL headers and std namespace. Removed usage of G4USE_STD_NAMESPACE macro. - G4PhysicsVector: moved copy costructor and assignment operator to public. Fixes problem report #486.

    o Hadronic Processes: ------------------ - Cleared most compilation warnings. - cross_sections + Design iteration. + Fixed problem with electro-nuclear cross-sections. + Fixed usage of arguments to pow() for porting on .NET 7.1 compiler. - management + Added AddDataSet directly to the process interface + Reimplementation of the registry to make it suitable for dynamic loading of libraries. + Fixed warning generated after migration from g4std. - models/cascade/evaporation + Fixed usage of arguments to pow() for porting on .NET 7.1 compiler. - models/chiral_inv_phase_space + Fixed usage of arguments to pow() for porting on .NET 7.1 compiler. - models/generator/de_excitation + Reimplemented Coulomb barrier in the GEM emission probabilities. + Fixed floating-point exception observed in G4NuclearLevelManager. + Improved mass calculation in G4VGammaDeexcitation. + Introduced C++ casts. + Reconfigured Fermi-break-up. + Fixed case of floating-point exception in internal conversion. + Fixed usage of arguments to pow() for porting on .NET 7.1 compiler. - models/generator/kinetic_model + Improved transition between pre-equilibrium decay and binary cascade. + Corrected dummy declaration of virtual function to allow porting on WIN32 platforms. - models/generator/pre_equilibrium + Overall design iteration and re-implementation. + Added GNASH transition probabilities as option. + Added HETC emission probabilities as option. + Re-work of alpha emission probabilities. + Fixed compilation problem on WIN32 platforms. - models/generator/scattering + Fixed long-standing error on SUN dealing with ordering of static construction. + Fixed calculation of lower bound in sampling resonance masses for multiple resonance final states. - models/generator/util + Extended nucleon interface to allow tracing during the cascading. + Added fermi-momentum to G4Nucleon. + Enabled hit-counting in G4Nucleon. + Cleared printout on value of excitation energy. + Fixed usage of arguments to pow() for porting on .NET 7.1 compiler. - models/low_energy + Added re-coil creation and energy transfer calculation to elastic scattering + Bug fix for random coincidence exception in elastic scattering. - models/neutron_hp + Fixed usage of arguments to pow() for porting on .NET 7.1 compiler. - models/radiative_decay + Fix in G4ITDecayChannel and G4RadioactiveDecay for porting on Windows .NET (WIN23-VC7) compiler: changed signature in constructor for G4ITDecayChannel to use G4Ions instead of generic G4ParticleDefinition. - processes + Implemented the AddDataSet interface in all process classes. - stopping + Fixed bug in alpha evaporation from nucleus observed when mu- stops in air. + Adopt trivial workaround to avoid "internal compiler error" on WIN32 platforms.

    o Magnetic Field: -------------- - Revised G4FieldManager adding a (new) virtual method: ConfigureForTrack( const G4Track *) to enable the user to configure it with different accuracy parameters depending on energy, particle id, volume, or other track state. - Revised G4ChordFinder: + FindNextChord() now provides next Step estimate (for accuracy in Integration) + Modified AdvanceChordLimited() to use FindNextChord() and initial-step. + Fixed missing initialisation of several member data in the simple constructor and fixed unitialised variable for next step. + Protected assignment of fLastStepEstimate_Unconstrained in case of unitialised value. - G4MagIntegratorDriver: + Took out unneccessary square roots and divisions. Giving 15% performance boost. + Added extra argument for suggested initial step size 'hinitial' to Accurate Advance. + Keep simple statistics on number of steps, total error and step size. - Fixed compilation warnings on Linux-g++ for higher-lever diagnostics.

    o Materials: --------- - G4Isotope: fixed bug in operator=. Fixes problem report #429 - Fixed compilation warnings on Linux-g++ for higher-lever diagnostics.

    o Parameterisations: ----------------- - Fixed compilation warnings on Linux-g++ for higher-lever diagnostics.

    o Particles: --------- - G4DynamicParticle.cc: + Fix in constructors for the calculation of masses to avoid negative values result of precision loss when massless particles (like photons) are treated. Fixes problem report #489. + Use condition m^2<0.001MeV^2 to identify massless particles.

    o Persistency: ----------- - Fixed compilation warnings on Linux-g++ for higher-lever diagnostics.

    o Run, Events, Intercoms and Interfaces ------------------------------------- - Fixed compilation warnings on Linux-g++ for higher-lever diagnostics. - G4UItokenNum.hh: fixed longstanding bug in the definition of the struct "yystype": defined operator= and copy-constructor, defined default constructor with default initialisation of members. Fixes potential usage of uninitialised values. - G4UIGainServer: fixed compilation problem on Darwin-g++ with gcc-3.X. - G4VUserPhysicsList: added check for IsShortLived() before building the physics table in BuildPhysicsTable(). - G4RunManager: fixed case of removal of logical volume from default region, when the whole geometry setup is cleared between runs.

    o Tracking & Track: ---------------- - Fixed copy operator of G4Track not to copy the pointer to user information. - Fixed compilation warnings on Linux-g++ for higher-lever diagnostics.

    o Transportation: -------------- - G4Transportation: o Use new method of PropagatorInField to simplify choice of global/local field. o Activated new capability of a (user derived) field manager to configure itself with different accuracy parameters depending on track's energy, particle identity, or other property. o Fixes to accomodate incorrect and missing functionality for the following use cases: + setting of a local field when no global field exists. + overriding of an existing global field with a 'zero' field by creating a local field manager that has a NULL G4Field pointer. - Fixed compilation warnings on Linux-g++ for higher-lever diagnostics.

    o Visualization: ------------- - Fixed compilation warnings on Linux-g++ for higher-lever diagnostics. - OpenGL + Added first implementation of G4OpenGLWin32Viewer for Windows GL. + Fixes for porting compilation on WIN32.

    o g3tog4 tool: ----------- - Fixed compilation warnings on Linux-g++ for higher-lever diagnostics.

    o data ---- - New data set for low-energy EM processes: G4EMLOWEN2.2.

    o Examples: -------- - Updated reference outputs. - Cleared most compilation warnings. - advanced: o brachytherapy + Implementation revision. o composite_calorimeter + Updated physics lists. o gammaray_telescope + Updated to ANAPHE 5.0.5 and cuts-by-region. o lAr_calorimeter + Updated physics lists. o Rich + New application simulating the TestBeam setup of the Rich detector in LHCb. o Tiara + New application implementing a simulation of the neutron shielding experiment TIARA using importance biasing. o underground_physics + Fixes to physics list. + Added HepRep visualization. + Fixes to hits collection: fixed hits deposition on photocathode material. o xray_fluorescence + Bug fixes for energy deposition in the detector. - extended: o analysis + A01 o Updated AIDA scripts. + AnaEx01 o Updated to AIDA 3.0. o biasing + Implementation revision. o electromagnetic + TestEm1, TestEm2, TestEm3 o Corrected deletion of volumes/solids when geometry is updated. + TestEm4 o + TestEm5 o New histogram (ID=11) for the projeted angle at exit. Bug corrected in gustep. o New macros for multiple-scattering tests: run61,71,81,91 o Proper deletion of old geometry when it is updated. + TestEm6 o + TestEm7 o New example simulating energy deposited by particles absorbed in a given material (Bragg peak). + TestEm8 o Fixed warnings and changed input parameters for updated PAI. o field + Fixed geometry construction in case of switching of detector. o geometry + cad o GNUmakefile: added control through G4USE_STEP variable. o medical + DICOM o New application implementing a Geant4 interface to the DICOM image format for the simulation of a phantom geometry. o persistency + Updates to README and scripts. - novice o N03 + Properly delete volumes/solids when geometry is updated. + Moved heprep.mac to visTutor.

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