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Latest News

Verari Systems Launches New Octet 8-Way AMD Opteron Processor-Based SMP Server
Tuesday November 09 2004 @ 04:25PM EST views: 246
Verari Systems, the premier developer of powerful, platform-independent computer systems, announced today the launch of the new Octet 8-Way AMD Opteron processor-based SMP server. The Verari Systems Octet 8-Way’s design unleashes the full potential of AMD64 technology with Direct Connect Architecture, delivering large SMP capabilities to the x86 application base that has to date been the last stronghold of proprietary RISC architectures. The Verari Systems Octet 8-Way server supports eight AMD Opteron 800 Series processors, 64GB of memory, and eight SATA hard-drives. [...]

Absoft to Provide High Performance Computing Software
Tuesday November 09 2004 @ 01:29PM EST views: 160
Supercomputing 2004, Pittsburgh, PA (November 9, 2004) – Absoft Corporation today announced it will manage, sell, and support a new High Performance Computing (HPC) Software Developers’ Kit (SDK) for IBM Linux on POWER™ clusters and servers. The new Absoft HPC SDK is expected to become the standard HPC Development Kit offered to developers for IBM Linux on POWER servers and clusters. [...]

IBM And Topspin Unveil New Infiniband Solution For IBM BladeCenter
Tuesday November 09 2004 @ 11:50AM EST views: 287
IBM BladeCenter is the first blade system with integrated InfiniBand switching; IBM and Topspin combine powerful data center virtualization with interconnect capabilities for HPC, database clustering, grid, and on-demand computing environments [...]

IBM Unveils Next Generation Supercomputer
Tuesday November 09 2004 @ 11:39AM EST views: 251
New POWER5 System Design Packs Supercomputing Power Into Small Space [...]

Intel Enterprise Platforms Take Lion's Share of 'TOP500' Ranking
Tuesday November 09 2004 @ 09:52AM EST views: 168
Yahoo: Nearly two-thirds of the world's fastest supercomputers now use Intel® Itanium® or Intel® Xeon(TM) processors according to the 24th Edition of the "TOP500" list, illustrating the growing momentum toward the use of standard Intel components for the most demanding high performance computing applications. The TOP500 project was started in 1993 to provide a reliable basis for tracking and detecting trends in high-performance computing. Twice a year, a list of the sites operating the 500 most powerful computer systems is assembled and released. [...]

Aspen Systems Adds Disaster Recovery and Disk Monitoring to Cluster Management Software
Tuesday November 09 2004 @ 09:18AM EST views: 248
Aspen Systems, Inc., a leader in the custom design, manufacture and service of a wide array of Linux®-based high performance computing solutions will preview a new version of ABC Management Software at the Supercomputing (SC) 2004 conference at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Aspen Systems will preview version 3.0 of its ABC Management Software in their booth number 1729. [...]

OptimaNumerics Showcase at SC2004
Tuesday November 09 2004 @ 08:59AM EST views: 162
OptimaNumerics, the leader in high performance technical and scientific computing software, in partnership with Scalable Systems, will be showcasing OptimaNumerics Libraries at Supercomputing 2004. OptimaNumerics is a Qubis Ltd backed company. [...]

New HP Clusters Based on Industry Standards Simplify High-performance Computing
Tuesday November 09 2004 @ 08:58AM EST views: 267
PITTSBURGH, Supercomputing 2004, Nov. 8, 2004 HP today announced a comprehensive package of hardware, software and services that significantly boosts the performance and functionality of clusters - while reducing their complexity - for high-performance computing (HPC) customers. [...]

TYAN Showcases Latest Solutions At SC2004
Tuesday November 09 2004 @ 08:57AM EST views: 358
SC2004, PITTSBURGH, PA, November 8th, 2004 - Tyan(r), a world leader in platform system technology, will showcase their latest system boards and barebones solutions at one of the world's premier supercomputing events: SC2004, taking place at the new David L. Lawrence Convention Center from November 8th to 11th. [...]

Linux Networx and Novell to help ISVs Certify Applications for Cluster Computing
Tuesday November 09 2004 @ 08:56AM EST views: 186
Salt Lake City, Nov. 9, 2004 - Linux Networx announced today a partnership with Novell Inc. to create a High Performance Computing (HPC) Certification Center located at Linux Networx to help Independent Software Vendors (ISV) certify their applications on Novell's SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server for use in clustered environments. [...]

Scali certified to manage new HP Unified Cluster Portfolio
Tuesday November 09 2004 @ 08:50AM EST views: 192
Customers offered broadest range of choice with HP Cluster Platforms while assured of simplified cluster management with Scali [...]

Panasas Breaks The Storage Bottleneck To Deliver “Complete” Linux Cluster Computing
Monday November 08 2004 @ 10:05PM EST views: 219
Second Generation of Panasas’ Storage Cluster Platform Helps Customers Make Real World Breakthroughs that Improve People’s Lives [...]

IBM Introduces eServer Blue Gene for Commercial Distribution
Monday November 08 2004 @ 11:10AM EST views: 436
Armonk, NY -- November 8, 2004 -- Today's introduction of IBM eServer Blue Gene system ushers-in a new era of high performance computing (HPC) for businesses and scientific uses. The system, unveiled today, will provide customers with the capability to advance science and business with unprecedented [...]

IBM's Blue Gene/L goes on sale
Monday November 08 2004 @ 09:23AM EST views: 184
News.com: The machine began life as a research project in 2000, is presently the world's fastest supercomputer, and has only four publicly announced customers. But as IBM earlier promised would happen, the design has now become a comparatively ordinary product sold by IBM's server group under the brand name eServer Blue Gene. [...]

HP to launch Blockbuster Intel Madison 9M servers
Monday November 08 2004 @ 07:44AM EST views: 143
The Inquirer: HP WILL INTRODUCE its "Blockbuster" range of Itanium Madison 9M servers today - that will follow Intel's official launch of the 9MB cache processor and other members of its "Mad" family later today. [...]

SC2004: New Clusters Emerge At Supercomputing Show
Monday November 08 2004 @ 01:07AM EST views: 182
News.com: Dell and Hewlett-Packard plan to announce on Monday new servers that can be networked into a single high-performance technical computer. [...]

New Itanium Chips Debut Next Week
Sunday November 07 2004 @ 08:47AM EST views: 150
InternetNews.com: Sources familiar with the company told internetnews.com the chip making giant will debut three versions of its Intel Itanium 2 IA-64 processor: a multi-processor (MP); a dual-processor code-named Fanwood (DP); and a low voltage processor (LV) code-named Deerfield. Each will come with 9Mb of L3 cache. [...]

Streamline Spins Out Allinea Software
Friday November 05 2004 @ 06:34PM EST views: 186
UK-based system integration business, Streamline Computing has formed Allinea Software Ltd as a step towards the eventual de-merger of the two entities. The move will allow both Streamline and Allinea to focus on their individual lines of business, and avoid any potential conflict of interest in software dealings with Streamline's European competitors. [...]

IBM BladeCenter and POWER Microprocessor Fuel Europe's Most Powerful Supercomputer
Friday November 05 2004 @ 04:39PM EST views: 215
Spanish Ministry of Education & Science’s Record-Breaking Supercomputer to Further Research in Protein Folding, Drug Development and Climate Change


Gelato Pushes Linux-Itanium from Beijing to Pittsburgh
Friday November 05 2004 @ 03:10PM EST views: 229
From Beijing to Pittsburgh: Gelato Champions Itanium

Representatives from more than 25 Gelato Federation member institutions and corporations met on October 11-13, 2004, at Tsinghua University in Beijing, China to review and exchange research advances for Linux on the Intel® Itanium®2 platform. Twenty-one [...]

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HP Integrity Family Portrait, IA64
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rx2620 1600MHz 2P MSA1000 Cluster IA64
rx4640 1600MHz 4P MSA1000 Cluster IA64
DL140 3060MHz 2P IA32
DL140 G2 3600MHz 2P EM64T
DL145 2600MHz 2P Opteron
DL145 G2 2600MHz 2P Opteron Dual Core
DL360 G4 3400MHz 2P EM64T
DL360 G4p 3800MHz 2P EM64T
DL380 G4 3800MHz 2P EM64T
DL385 2800MHz 2P Opteron Dual Core
DL560 3000MHz 4P IA32
DL580 G3 3330MHz 4P EM64T
DL585 2800MHz 4P Opteron Dual Core
CP3000 32x DL140G2 & DL360G4p GigE EM64T
CP4000 32x DL145G2 GigE Opteron, Dual Core
CP4000 64x DL145 GigE Opteron
CP4000 102x DL145 GigE Opteron
CP4000 32x DL145 Myri Opteron
Rocks Cluster 16-22 DL145 Opteron
Rocks Cluster 30-46 DL145 Opteron
Rocks Cluster 64-84 DL145 Opteron
LC3000 GigaE 24-36 DL145 Opteron
LC3000 Myri 16-32x DL145 Opteron
LC3000 GigaE 16-22x DL145 Opteron
LC2000 GigaE 16-22x DL360G3 Xeon
MSA1500 48TB, SCSI and SATA
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